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Conversation threads

The Golf R 1/4 Mile time thread
The Blackstone oil analysis thread
The official Golf R delivery thread
What did you do to your Golf R today?
Things I learned about my Golf R today
Dings and things. The life of a daily.
US Golf R Spotted Thread
VA/MD/DC Golf R Thread
North Carolina Golf R Thread
Golf R Database
The Candy White thread
The Tornado Red thread
The Carbon Steel Grey thread
The Rising Blue thread
The Deep Pearl Black thread


Golf R Maintenance & Reference Packs (PDF)
Escort 9500CI Radar/Laser Install
Where the rubber meets the road, the care & feeding of a quick Golf R.
Clutch Troubles
Can dealers scan for direct port flash
Blue needle Podi Boost Guage
Golf R weights and dimensions
Golf R registry by state
Tyrol Mike CW Technical-Data & Modification
The Wheel Thread. Pictures of Rs with non-stock wheels.
Aftermarket Downpipe Options
Final Golf R Sales


[ Maintenance ]

DIY Oil change with photos (including ECS filter housing and fumoto drain valve)
Haldex Fluid Change Mistake
Cam Follower, Haldex Filter, Diffs, DSG and Engine-Fluids Swap

[ Performance ]

VWRacing Big Brake Kit Install DIY.
Rear Trailing Arm bushing install
LCA, ball joint and TyrolSport Deadset install
Flapper Mod
Dieselgeek Sigma Six Speed Short Shifter Install
Autotech HPFP Upgrade DIY
Brembo 18Z 6 piston brake upgrade DIY for under a grand
VWR Intake Install DIY

[ Electronic ]

How to disable traction control aka ESC defeat.
LED tail / Rear fog install
Vag-Com for beginners
Golf R City Lights
Parallel parking lights
Mirror puddle light DIY
LED DRL Full Brightness with Headlights On

[ Interior ]

Audi Shift knob install
Install Aluminum glove box handle
Door Panel Removal
Install OEM Under Seat Drawers
OEM Dash Cubby Install
Euro Cup Holder Install
Add Rear Footwell Lights

[ Exterior ]

Using a EOS front plate bracket which isn't as oversized as the stock R one.


Golf R Build up threads

Spinoza's Build
T-Lud RB Stage II+ Sleeper
Peteski OEM+
Slidemx5 RB
GTI0811 RB
jsausley RB
ToeBall RB
V8Star RB
Casco CW
ScratchRob13 DBP
Atl-Atl DBP
BlazedR DBP
Angina RB
nectar-13 CW
ignitionlive CSG
Bakerrrr RB Stage II+
Alive by Time CW Golf R Memoirs
Tyrol Mike CW Technical-Data & Modification
Speedfrk's Beauty
Tim's OEM+ build
Psipassat's build thread
The Atömic Punk
Flipstah's Golf R Build
Flieger's Golf R OEM+

Heavy Modification

iMod.:R DBP "Project R"
SiliconRane DBP Stage II+
BSHR Matte Green Stage II+
jlvcdub CW The Journey


TEFF RB Golf R From Romania


CiDirkonas Golf R air-ride thread
Dublife42's Build Thread
Luke-WL RB Stage II+
DutchMastr9 RB Stage II+
Casperlost CW
.:RTime CW
JohnnyR32 RB OEM+

DUTCHswift's Golf R Build Thread

Team Build

APTuning RB Stage II+
Forge CW
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