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Oil change

Oil change, easy peasy.

6 liters of 508.00 oil (Castrol 0W-20 LL IV, VW GE525771LDSP)
Filter & o-ring (VW 06L 115 562 B)
Drain plug tool (Schwaben ES#3108058)
Torque wrench & 32mm 6 point socket for filter housing (25 Nm = 18.4 ft-lbs)

How to:
Remove drain plug, drain oil into suitable container.
Remove engine cover, pull up gently to release from 4 socket mounts.
Loosen oil filter housing ~2 turns and wait a few minutes to allow it to drain.
Remove filter housing, replace filter + o-ring with new, & reinstall. TQ to 25 Nm.
Reinstall drain plug.
Fill with 6 liters of 508.00 approved oil.
Start & check for leaks. Turn engine off & wait a few minutes before checking level.
6L fill will be ~3/4 up the hashed portion of the dipstick.
Replace engine cover

Reset oil change indicator by holding the 0.0 button in the cluster while turning on ignition (foot off brake). Hold until it enters service menu, then release. Menu will cycle through oil service options, press & release again when it says oil service. (page 27 of owners manual)

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Do you have any info on the battery and which size to replace the OEM one with? Nothing came up in the search. Thanks!
I believe the factory battery for the MQB NAR Tiguan is 70AH, EFB+ (enhanced flooded lead acid). You can go larger and switch to AGM if you like as long as it fits physically and has the same terminals.

If you are planning to change it yourself, be sure to do the adaptations to reset and reconfigure the battery monitor and charging system using OBDeleven or VCDS. Not doing so will negatively effect your new battery.


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