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The "Official" Touareg Forum FAQ v2.0 - FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ FAQ

Welcome to the Touareg Do-It-Yourself, How-To and Frequently Asked Question Thread.
This thread has step-by-step instructionals, links to helpful sites, and useful threads pertaining to many of the most commonly asked questions here in the Touareg section of VWVortex. Thanks to the users for their contributions and special thanks to Spockcat who originally compiled this information in version 1.0. Everyone who posts and has something added to the FAQ will be credited along side the link. If we forgot anyone please let us know.
How to add something to the FAQ?
If you have anything that you would like added to this list, or to report broken links, please use the report post to moderator function.

Don't forget our Technical Forums that are broken down into more specific sections like interior, car audio and electronics, specific engines, transmissions etc.

To search within this thread, please press Control+F or Command (Open Apple)+F on your keyboard. (Note: Just because nothing is returned does not mean that it is not here, your search term may not be used in the description). Many items and issues may fit into all categories, so it is best to spend a couple minutes looking through the whole thread.
01) News & Information
02) Typical Problems & Questions
03) Oil & Servicing
04) Body & Exterior
05) Interior
06) Wheels & Tires
07) Lighting
08) Electrical
09) Radio & Navigation System
11) Suspension & Towing
12) Motor & Transmission
13) Brakes
14) Key Fob Remote
15) Racks & Carriers
16) Touareg Gatherings
17) Misc.

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News & Information...

News & Information
TOUAREG 2: A Better Vehicle? My Review - TREGinginCO
2005 Touareg changes - AlaskaGreen
On the Horizon for the Touareg - 2005 model and beyond - spockcat
2005 model prices - spockcat
HOT NEWS: 2005 V10 TDI...in 50 states - jrdlr
It's Official - NO 2005 V10 TDI Touareg - AliensWanted
2006 Change Points - vw12
Suggestions for current and future improvements - Forum Discussion
SEMA '05: Concept Touareg-HPA Tiwn Turbo - Sincity
Same SEMA Concept car as above but more photos - [email protected]
Dealership Recomendations - Forum Discussion
Touareg and Cayenne sales figures - Forum Discussion
Touareg Offroad Videos - spockcat
V6TDI from Paris Auto Show - _PA_
Touareg VS. Cayenne Sales - Forum Discussion
The W12 Touareg - spockcat
More W12 info including good photos of other non-wood interior finishes - spockcat
NHTSA frontal crash test data finally released... - KrisC28
Extended warranty??? - Forum Discussion
Rent a Touareg before purchasing - Forum Discussion

Car Purchasing Forum - Brought to you by TheCarLounge.net
http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1539959 - Forum Discussion
http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1540648 - Forum Discussion
http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1543465 - Forum Discussion
http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1537279 - Forum Discussion
http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1510139 - Forum Discussion
http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=2004523 - Forum Discussion

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Typical Problems & Questions

Typical Problems & Questions

- Fault Codes \ Errors -
Slow down or reselect message - Forum Discussion
key not found error - Forum Discussion
Defective Wheel on Board error - Forum Discussion
RUNNING GEAR FAULT - Forum Discussion
Airbag Fault? - Forum Discussion
Airbag Falut Code - spockcat
Check lights message on MFI - Forum Discussion
Check engine light - Forum Discussion
engine light blinking - Forum Discussion

- Air Conditioning \ Climatronic -
Air Conditioning - A/C freezing - Forum Discussion
AC Problem?? - Forum Discussion
Auto fan speed on climatronic - Forum Discussion
- The Winter Touareg FAQs -
REST, Heated Steering Wheel, Snowflake Icon, etc. - aircooled

- Homelink -
Homelink instructions that actually work - Forum Discussion
HomeLink Rolling Codes Programming - bravocharlie

- Cup Holders -
Cupholders - Cup Holder "Prongs" - fsonline
Cupholders - Forum Discussion
Cupholder issues - Forum Discussion

- Mirrors -
Side View Mirrors Fogged - Forum Discussion
Dimming Outside Mirrors --- Actually Dim! - SlotCAR

- Windshield Wipers -
Wipers - Noisy Wipers - Forum Discussion
Rain Sensing Wipers - Forum Discussion
Touareg issue [this is about weird wiper behavior - Forum Discussion
Detailed Instructions - Operation of the Windshield Wiper & Washer System - PanEuropean
Automatic Windshield Wipers: A Hindrance not a Help - Forum Discussion
OEM Replacement Front Wiper Blades - justsomeguy

- Compass -
Recode compass to turn it off [and duration of on-time] - styx
Compass - Weird symbols on compass - Forum Discussion
Compass calibration - Forum Discussion

- Leaking -
Does anyone have this problem? [wetness on passenger side carpet - Forum Discussion
Leaking sunroof? - Forum Discussion

- Noises \ Rattles -
Rear Right Seat Rattle Noise - Forum Discussion
Vibration sound coming from roof or rear - Forum Discussion

- Misc. -
Musty Smell - Forum Discussion
Misc Poll: Complaints, bugs on the T-reg - Forum Discussion
Touareg Buy Back Epic - jsewell
Heated steering wheel symbol? - Forum Discussion
Windshield condensation TSB - Forum Discussion
Be careful or you could get locked out of the Touareg!!!! - sciencegeek

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Oil & Servicing...

Oil & Servicing
DIY oil change - liv2ryd
NEW Touareg - BREAK-IN PERIOD - Forum Discussion
break in period? - Forum Discussion
Synthetic Oil - Forum Discussion
Service-related - Service problems - Forum Discussion
5000 mile interval oil change cost? - Forum Discussion
TDI Break-in Procedure - leebo
Open recalls on my V8 - Forum Discussion
Campiagn Notices and VINs - DenverBill
VW recommended service intervals - Forum Discussion
V6 Oil Change writeup - escaflowne_song
V8 Oil Change writeup - liv2ryd
Approved Engine Oils - Porsche Cayenne - bravocharlie

Care (leather, washing, etc) - Removing protective film adhesive from paint? - Forum Discussion
Looking for ideas on how to treat the leather and clean the Treg in general - Forum Discussion
What are you washing and waxing your T-Regs with? - Forum Discussion
Review of Mr Clean Auto Dry - S4inSoFla
Brake Dust Cleaner? - Forum Discussion

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Body & Exterior...

Body & Exterior
Pics of European Rearview Mirrors without blind spot - 12johnny
i got my partial ABT kit today!!! - hotdaymnitzbao
Installed V10 Grill -Very nice - CaptainT-reg
Factory Mud Flaps Install - trollhole
Installed my V8 style tips on V6 - touareg007
Clear Bra for Touareg - Forum Discussion
Clear bra film - Forum Discussion
Clear Shield paint protective film - Jeff from Mass
Side Skirts - Forum Discussion
Painting plastic - Forum Discussion
Pictures of lower body painted body color - Forum Discussion
Replacing the AERO Wiper Blades - Sawdust
Kamei Touareg products - spockcat

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Radio & Navigation System...

Touareg Single Cd Player - Cannot eject cd
Finally here TV/DVD while driving - VIDEO IN MOTION
Installers/Vaggers, post here if you can help Touareggers
Phatbox issues
Smart Ipod Car Holder
iPod your VW Touareg!!
Yet Another iPod Install...Some New Ideas - SIK Imp installation
Finally a Smart Ipod Car Holder
iPod install in square cupholder - most clean install yet.
iPod compilation
Notes on NAV + iPod / Phatnoise Buzzing
Speaker Sizes
Adding a subwoofer - and modifying the Phatbox
When Is Too Many Mods Too Much.... My Wife Wants to know
XM Install Roady vs Skyfi
Speed sensor for aftermarket nav
Nokia Blue Tooth Kit installed in Touareg
The Best BlueTooth Car Kit
The Best BlueTooth Car Kit - Part 2
Filter audio whine
Ground loop isolator for iPod installs
XM radio installs
Onstar Grill Pictures and part #s
Parrot ck3100 Bluetooth Kit
Adding subwoofer to Nav/Audio system?
Add a line driver (mini amp) to your Auxiliary input line.
Get rid of noise on your Auxiliary input line.
More notes on auxiliary noise correction.
RDS on Standard Radio?
RDS (radio data service)
Bad CD Player on the Standard Radio - Any Ideas?
Hardwire Ipod Install in Non-Nav - It Works!
Installing XM Radio with standard stereo
Hardwired My ipod...I have a question
Navigation System
Navi VSWITCH Function Discovered
Letter to VW on missing roads on nav - list your missing roads here
Nav monitor, VGA or SVGA?
2005 DVD NAV
Nav update
TMC in action
Radio install in Japan - many different video and nav radio installation pics
Looking for an inclinometer
VW dealers on 2005 CD map updates
Calibrating the nav system
2005 DVD nav photos and discussion
Kenwood Navigation and Stereo Pictures
Finally here TV/DVD while driving - VIDEO IN MOTION
Nav Update CD's (finally!!)
Programming the CD navigation for multi-state and multi-map CD journey

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