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The "partnership"

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I was bored... ADD was kickin and I was waiting for my gurl to finish with her appointment.
I couldnt find anything to play with (note to self: put GI Joe BACK in car) so I whipped out my lil packet of stuff in my glove box. On the cover it says "welcome to the Partnership"
I guess this was VWs lil slogan during '86.
Anyone know how long this lasted? I guess its kinda like "farfignugen" and "Drivers Wanted" is it? Where there any others?
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Re: The "partnership" (Dieder)

The pamphlet with my '86 scirocco says the same thing
Re: The "partnership" (s-rocc)

same in '89 GTI
Re: The "partnership" (red 5)

same in my '90
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