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The phantom stain

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(read in whiney voice)
So I get in the Jetta this morning and I notice there's a small dark stain on the passenger seat. With a damp towel I wiped it off and sure enough it was mostly gone. To make sure I got all of it I scrubed a little harder. Suddenly the stain was back and worse then before!
I thought there was something on the towel so I got another one that was totally clean- same thing happened. I'm assuming something got down in there and is staining the seat from the inside.
The seats are grey velour- anyone had a problem like this before? What's a good product to clean it off with?
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Re: The phantom stain (Gremlin)

not sure what to use, but rubbing a stain into velour can't be good ... maybe the stain is embedded in the fibers now? (see scrubbing it harder)
check with the detailing forum, they are a great help in cleaning anything
try looking here http://www.properautocare.com/interior.html
they have a few upholstery cleaners/protectors that you can try (Eimann, XENIT, Fabprotex) .. dont have any experience using these but they're worth a try

hope that helps and good luck http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: The phantom stain (vr6dubber23)

thanks vr6dubber
I don't think the stain is embedded as I scotchguarded the seats the day I got the car http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Like I said, the stain comes right off, but when I push down, it comes back- so it's gotta be in there
Only question is: how do I get whatever is in there- out?
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