This is the Gol Badass. Built by Brazil’s Fernando Morita, it is the best VW rat rod in all of Latin America, a distinction it earned recently, at Bubble Gun Treffen 2015, Latin America's biggest VW show.

The car is based on a VW Gol, a front-engined sub-compact, which was Brazil’s best selling car from 1987 to 2014, and is something of a classic there.

Revista Full Power reports that Morita had the idea for this car a couple of years ago. But without time or space to make the car, the idea sat on the backburner.

After letting the idea percolate, Morita decided that building the car and taking it to Bubble Gun Treffen would do his company Amoritz GT some good. So he got an early model Gol and started wrenching.

Morita took the stock engine out of the front and put a 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder boxer engine in the back. He then filled the former engine bay with a gas tank, the filler cap for which now sits in the middle of the hood, like Porsches of old.

He also gutted the interior, put a four-speed manual in, and sat it on massive wheels that sport custom-made turbofan-style hub caps. Interestingly, he didn’t start working on the fender flares until after he’d put on the wheels, to be sure that they looked right.

Morita was commited to spending as little on this car as possible, though, so everything from the ratty paint job, to the vicegrip window cranks were put on with cost in mind.

The car is a bit of a departure for Morita. When he’s not making customs, Morita and his company, Amortiz GT, design supercars. Morita says that he is inspired by the work of companies like Pagani and Koenigsegg. Before then, he worked in design at Volkswagen do Brazil.