So you’ve specced out your car, ticked all the boxes you need to tick except one. How big do you want your wheels?

Audi sells the RS6 Avant with wheels up to 22-inches across that look sporty and aggressive. But are they sporty and aggressive? According to a head-to-head video from Auto Bild, yes!

The German publication took the RS6 Avant to the Lausitzring with both the 22 and 21-inch wheel options. Both were wrapped in the factory rubber, so although this isn’t a straight-up comparison of wheel sizes, it will tell you what German customers can expect when their car is delivered.

And the bigger wheels win out in the end—though not by an enormous margin. The 22s take the RS6 around in 1:35.85 while the 21s do it half a second slower in 1:36.37. The faster option had Hankook Ventus S1 Evo tires, while the smaller option had Pirelli P Zeros and both were faster than an RS7 in Hankooks.

According to the video description, Auto Bild found that the RS6 was much better matched to the Hankook tires. The ABS was more easily controlled as well as more sensitive and at the same time the Hankook also offered a bit more grip than the Pirelli. Despite the saving on unsprung mass, the RS6 was faster on the large wheels.

Naturally, with the speed comes some compromises. Larger tires generally come with less sidewall, which usually translates to a rougher ride. But if you’re in it for speed, then this test shows that bigger is better, at least as far as factory options for the RS6 Avant are concerned.