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The saga continues... [LONG!]

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For those of you who don't know i have been having issues with my car pretty much since week 1 in late february.
well, here is the whole history...
2/22/01 Purchased 2001.5 VW GLX From Tynan’s VW in Aurora, CO
2/23/01 Vehicle was delivered with Clear mask and window tint.
Noticed paint peeling off of License plate bracket
3/6/01 Dropped off vehicle @ tynan’s to touch up license plat bracket and I also noticed a rattle coming from the passenger side. The brakes also did not feel like they were grabbing properly so I wanted them to look into that also
3/7/01 Vehicle was returned. Tynan’s claimed they did not hear the rattle. Claimed brakes were OK. Fixed License Plate bracket.
3/26/01 Brought Vehicle to Tynan’s for 45 day check. Appx a week before scheduled appt. while washing the vehicle I noticed a chip in the hood. Most likely there prior to delivery but I cannot be certain. Waited 1 hour for the service and left same day
4/10/01 Made call to VW customer service because website clearly stated that the 2001.5 came with CD player but none was in when I purchased my car. Rep said it was a misprint on the website and that cd player is not standard
5/14/01 Scheduled an appointment to see if different dealer could locate rattle, after I drove with it for a month and determined that it was coming from the passenger seat. Noticed climatronic fan will iintermittently stop and then resume back on speed it shut off at, and while on not AUTO the climatronic would adjust the fan speed. Also previous to this appt. noticed that the light on my climatronic unit would disappear. Where it normally says off it would be blank for 1-3 seconds at a time – intermittent. Also noticed trunk light would blink off occaisionally. Thought I was just seeing things and did not mention to dealer. During this visit I also mentioned the brakes again. They still do not feel like the are catching entirely and the “pulse” when slowing down, unlike any car I have ever driven. Also when backing out of my driveway the ABS came on. Driveway was dry and concrete. The only thing that came out of this service was the seat frame was replaced on the passenger seat.
5/24/01 From the previous visit we determined maybe I had a bad climate control so that was replaced on this vist. Not more than 10 minutes after leaving the dealership the climatronic blanked out again. Also had my 5000 mile service performed. Also mentioned a creak which sounded like it was coming from the front end during acceleration from a stop and while coming to a stop – I was told that it was how german’s build their cars very tightly – Sounded like a snow job to me.
6/14/01 Seat Frame finally came in for the right front seat and that was replaced. Also mentioned to tech about rattle in the dash and from the sun roof area. Repaired sun roof rattle but I still notice rattle coming from dash occaisionally.
7/24/01 Wrote letter to VW c/o Peter Giorgievski
~7/27/01 Received a call from Joe Bertran about letter
8/22/01 Brought vehicle in to have Climatronic blanking out looked at and to have the trunk light looked at (occaisionally blinks). Was told that they need to order parts for trunk/climatronic. Also mentioned to them that the rear windshield looks distorted. They told me it is the bending of the glass and it is normal. I have my doubts but they, were not willing to do anything about it so I did not argue it. Also mentioned to them about the interior rattling. They said they could not reproduce.
8/27/01 Called Larry Roesch VW of Bensenville to schedule 10K mile service. Scheduled for 8/1/01 at 8am.
9/1/01 Brought vehicle to larry roesch for 10K mile service. Was told that they are closed for the labor day holiday. Went to my parents house and called Ed Murphy VW in Schaumburg to see if I could bring my car in there for 10K mile service. The said sure bring it in. Went to Schaumburg dealership and when I arrived I was told that they are also closed. While driving home from Schaumburg dealrship I heard a grinding noise when depressing the brake pedal. Heard the noise 2 or 3 times and not after that. Filed online complaint.
9/4/01 Received a call from john (maybe) talking about claim I filed online.
9/4/01 Brought vehicle back to skyline to have Drivers seat frame replaced, 10K mile service. Service was performed and the seat frame was replaced. Techs said they could not duplicate the other problem. Which makes sense because they are random.
9/6/01 picked up the car from skyline and while driving home noticed annoying clicking eminating from passenger seat. This noise can be quite load at times and at other times is barely noticeable.
9/7/01 VW Called – Talked w/ Bruce maybe
9/11/01 Washed my car and noticed a crack in the chrome molding on the rear bumper. Vehicle was never in an accident so there is no reason for the molding to have a crack in it.
9/12/01 VW Called – Talked with John – Stated VW reviewed for repurchasing and decided it did not have enough problems
9/13/01 Called Pete Giorgievski – Left Message to return Call
9/17/01 Called Pete Giorgievski – Left message to return call
9/19/01 – Joe Bertrand From VW Called and left message – informed me Pete Giorgievski takes care of the Mid Atlantic region and he is the contact I should be talking with. Left Number of 1.800.822.8987
9/21/01 I called Joe Bertrand – He was at lunch left a message to have him call me at 303.. Asked for his supervisors name and was informed he did not have one and that he was the highest point of contact. CS Rep would not give phone number or e-mail address.
9/25/01 Called Joe Bertrand…Was informed he is not available and was told he would get a detailed message and return my call…Same thing I was told on 9/21/01.
9/27/01 Joe Bertrand called and left a message
10 minutes after he called I called him back but was told he is unavailable and that he will call me back. Called Joe Bertrand for a second time since he did not return my call. Joe left for the day. Called Donna Anderson and left a voicemail message about my concerns.
9/28/01 E-mailed [email protected] this document and the original letter to Pete Giorgievski. Joe Bertrand returned my call and said Harold Gomez is the Factory representative for this area. Joe said he would talk with Harold on Monday to find out when he will be at Skyline to go over the vehicle with me.
10/1/01 While backing out of the driveway, ABS engaged again.
10/8/01 Joe Bertrand Called and told me Harold Gomez would like to meet with me on Oct 30 at 9AM. @ skyline automotive. I will have a list of items to be corrected when I meet with him.
10/17/01 ABS or ASR went on again while backing out of driveway. Should also not e I have been hearing a crackling sound from the driver side rear speaker while on AM
10/20/01 ABS or ASR went on again while backing out of driveway
10/23/01 ABS or ASR went on again while backing out of driveway going less than 4 MPH
10/28/01 Trunk Light Flickered twice this evening
10/29/01 ABS or ASR went on again while backing out of driveway going less than 4 MPH
10/30/01 Met with Harald Gomez, VW Rep for the Rocky Mountain Region. Harald was very nice and very professional. He took the time to go over all of my concerns with the Passat. We set up an appointment for 11/19 to have the car repaired and Harald said he would follow up with me the next week.
10/31/01 ABS or ASR engaged again, no light on, while backing out of driveway going less than 4 MPH
11/10/2001 the ABS/ASR continues to randomly engage when backing out of the driveway. I am not going to report everytime this happens anymore. Because it is at least 2-3 times a week.
11/19/2001 Brought my car in for the repairs that Harald and I discussed. Repairs to be made are as follows:
Front Passenger seat noise
Right rear c pillar trim is loose
Brakes need to be checked
Bumper paint is inconsistent and there is a crack in the silver trim.
Trunk Light blinks intermittently
Climatronic loses power intermittently
Driver side rear speaker has a crackle in it when on AM
Check Transmission, abruptly downshifts.
ASR/ABS engages when backing out of driveway.
15K mile service.
11/27/2001 E-mailed Harald Gomez because it has been more than a week and I have not heard anything from skyline yet. Here is heralds reply:

“… I've asked the technician to test your Passat and make
sure that all of your concerns are taken care off.
I had received a production sheet for your transmission from our corporate
office and the number that your transmission has is different from the
information that I was given, I've asked the dealer to order a new
transmission and it is on its way. I am not sure if we get the transmission
before the end of the week. As soon as the transmission is in, it will be
I am sorry that you have not been contacted by the dealer and I will let
them know to keep you informed about the progress of the repairs. Again,
thank you very much for being patient with us and let me know if I can be to
any further assistance.”
A few minutes after I received Harald’s reply, I received a call from VW (Rod). This is what he told me:
The valve bodies of the transmission are not allowing proper shifting. A new transmission is being ordered and will be replaced
The bumper has not yet been repainted.
They ordered a new climatronic unit because all of the continuity tests came back ok.
**this will be the second new climatronic unit. The first replacement did not fix the problem. And I am not to confident this one will either.

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Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (ChicagoDave)

jeez... I thought I was patient. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (pipes)

they found a tranny in Jersey and they say it will be here friday, I hope it is a new one and i hope it resolves that issue at least.
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (bigjim)

Bigjim - I feel for you man! I too have had a long service record with my Passat... as of today it has been in the shop 46 days (1.5 months) out of 5 months of ownership. I just wrote to VW yesterday asking to replace or repurchase my '02 Variant according to the lemon law. Sheeesh...
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (bigjim)

ABS engages briefly while backing on ALL Passats. It's not a problem.
Also, what do you mean by "The brakes also did not feel like they were grabbing properly". Too grabby, not grabby enough? Passat's brakes are quite grabby in the first part of pedal travel, which you need to get used to.
quote:[HR][/HR]5/14/01 Noticed climatronic fan will iintermittently stop and then resume back on speed it shut off at[HR][/HR]​
If it's really hot out, this is Climatronic switching between recirculate and fresh air.

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Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (VAB52)

Well, it feels as if they are slipping, i can understand the abs doing a self check but actually engaging and making the engaged "noise", does not seem right to me. It does not do it all of the time either.
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (bigjim)

This is why VW needs to work on their it's Factory Infrustructure and Dealer Infrustructure. .
This car should have never made it past Q/A which should be at the factory in Germany, not at the dealer in America.
I'm not saying that they did something wrong, because from a CS point of view they are attemting to fix problems that are going to be more obvious to you than to them, Obvious issues not withstanding. In addition some of these issues are hard for them to pinpoint and again this is where VW of America needs to help.
The dealer now has to take on the task of hours of work to fix this car. No matter how much VW pays them, they now are losing money.
VW needs to support the dealer in this case. They need to tell the dealer just fix it and fix it fast, what ever the cost, it will be cheaper than buying back your car.
Some of the issues you mentioned are not very serious, others should be addressed NOW.
I too have the creaky seats and a noice coming from my dash board. I have seen the trunk light flicker. My dealer is pretty cool, Sunnyvale VW.
However, they deal with a lot of cars on a daily basis. So there is room for error, I have learned to accept this. Now I tend to ask questions regarding everything they are doing and everything I want them to fix, by asking twice.
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Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (lip)

The seat creak they fixed once, then they fixed the other one, then the first one they fixed started making a different freaky noise, not a creak but more like a shrek, VW rep said it seemed to be coming from the plastic piece in the front. Something about the connectors that hold that piece on. Minor issues or not, in my opinion the car is/was to new to have any issues.
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (bigjim)

Thanks for the report. I too had some problems with my Passat shortly after delivery. Mine were pretty minor (except for the sunroof motor that was replaced, and the defective CD player). The issue for me was the absolute non-response that I got from the dealership where I purchased the car. I asked very simple questions and looked at me as if I just asked an insanely complicated question. And they also used the excuses of "we can't replicate the problem" or "our expert in that area is not here today, come back another time."
Everything is okay now, except for a couple of minor things like the blinking trunk light. I think that a lot of Passats have this issue (I saw a post on it once). I now take my car to a much better service department (Circle Imports in Long Beach, Timmons in long Beach also has a good reputation).
I must say I'm impressed by the detail of your report. That's exactly what you need to do when you're dealing with these guys.
The Fan
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Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (VW Fanatic)

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Jim, When the transmission arrives at the dealer have them call you. You want the master serial # and you want to call Mr. Gomez before installation. Have him check it against all VWoA records. You want to make sure this is a new transmission shipped from the factory. Not a re-built from some dealership in NJ. This should be put in writing, signed by Mr. Gomez, co-signed by the service mgr. or rep of the dealership owner. Also, have them explain exactly what components of the transmission are to be replaced; all?; related computer modules, etc.
I know it's a pain in the neck, but you don't want to go through this again. I wish you only the best. I'm sure for Christmas, besides peace on earth, you deserve a trouble free ride.
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (car_nut)

Called Skyline to get the serial number off th new tranny. He said he would get it to me but they already started putting it in there, He reassured me that it was a new transmission and that they do not use salvaged parts. Once he gets me the number i will have Mr. Gomez Check it out just to be safe. He said they are only replacing the "hard" transmission parts, what that is i am not exactly sure but it was not going to be the computer. As far as the climatronic goes, they are not replacing it. He said they tested all of the wires and grounds and could find nothing wrong with it, but clearly there is something wrong somewhere and i have it on video tape to prove it. It will be into next week before i have my car back, so i am stuck driving this tool mobile neon. my condolences to any of you who actually own one.
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (bigjim)

"hard" transmission parts usually means the entire tranny, not anything that connects to it like drive axles or sensors.
If the Tiptronic is like other VW trannys, the serial # should be visible with the tranny installed.
I suspect the intermittent climatronic on/off blink you're experiencing is due to an electrical connector problem somewhere (likely in the large connector on the back side of the climatronic control unit itself)...testing the climatronic wiring harness wouldn't show any fault in this case.
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (bigjim)

I believe this is called a "lemon" (that's the technical term!)....Go for a new replacement CAR!!!
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (bigjim)

You're an anal idiot! Relax and enjoy the car...
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (Curb Feeler)

thank you for your input, i will begin to enjoy it when the CLIMATRONIC STOPS FLASHING!
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (Curb Feeler)

quote:[HR][/HR]You're an anal idiot! Relax and enjoy the car...[HR][/HR]​
Curb Feeler.............. like if this happened to you, you would be relaxed?
I think he has shown patience.......... and heck, it has to be troubling to spend $28K on a new car, only to probably have more problems with it than the car you just traded in!
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (Curb Feeler)

quote:[HR][/HR]You're an anal idiot! Relax and enjoy the car...[HR][/HR]​
This is a forum for Passat owners to share their experiences, thoughts and general commentary, both good and bad, about their cars. I for one am appreciative when someone takes the time to document their experience in such detail for the benefit of other forum members. Reading Bigjim's writeup and then calling him an "idiot" in response is counter to the spirit of this forum, and will serve only to dissuade other members from bringing their own experiences forward.
Re: The saga continues... [LONG!] (arc)

thank you...
i picked up the car friday, and while sitting in the parking lot the climatronic flashed again. The seat still creaks, and when they fixed my speaker, they scratched the tint on my window. Please don't tell me to relax
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