Although not yet fully revealed, Lamborghini has revealed a few fun facts about its latest limited-edition supercar. The track-only SCV12 will make up to 830 hp thanks to something called “aerodynamic supercharging,” says the brand.

That doesn’t actually mean there will be a supercharger. Lamborghini says this is still a naturally aspirated engine, it just takes advantage of the air moving over the car. A central rib funnels the air into a ram-air intake scoop on the roof, directing “dynamic air pressure” into the intake. That means the faster you go, the more power you make.

Somewhat unusually for these days, all that power is sent directly to the back wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox, which is a stressed member in the chassis. That means that the pushrod actuated rear suspension is installed directly onto the gearbox, reducing weight and improving the distribution of that weight.

Lambo’s aero wizardry wasn’t all in the pursuit of power, though. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the help of Squadra Corse, the SCV12 has greater aero efficiency and generates more downforce than a GT3 car.

Squadra Corse also designed a new carbon chassis for the SCV12 that helps increase stiffness while reducing weight. Special magnesium rims further reduce weight and are wrapped in specially designed Pirelli slicks.

And Lamborghini hasn’t stopped at improving its V12, it wants to improve its drivers, too. Along with the car, customers will be invited to participate in high performance driving classes at some of the world’s most prestigious tracks, will get technical assistance from Squadra Corse, and tutelage from five-time Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro.