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2009 A8L W12; 2000 Jetta VR6; 1982 Caddy 2.0T
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Dear Vortex MKIV Forum Reader:

Please kindly take a minute to read this before continuing on the visual and intellectual journey that is my Build/Discussion thread. Please be warned that this thread is information intensive and there is a lot of tech talk regarding the intricate parts of the MkIV cars including.
-Electrical components, integration, retrofit, overhaul
-Mechanical upgrades such as engine upgrades, suspension upgrades
-OEM+ integration and custom OEM+ projects
-Custom upgrades in general and specialty 1 off projects
-Body Work and Interior work
-Anything else you can imagine :beer:

I will continue to update this OP for a quick glance on whats new.

Special Thanks To:
JettaGetUpandGo BUILD: I'm doing work
WolfsburgNate BUILD: Nates super awesome kickass build thread!
03-Uni-B BUILD: Its going to be a long winter
PassatTimmy BUILD: Back on vortex almost 5 years later
Graeme86 OEM+ Website: Graeme's Webspace

At first glance my car may not seem like anything special, compared to some of the show cars on here and let me say straight off by no means is it a show car (Yet) I daily drive my car and it looks like it! But that aside who says you can’t have fun with a daily driver :rolleyes:

Finally a WARNING to those who are easily offended by SWEARING, and GENERAL F*CKERY this unfortunately will not be the thread for you. I have a colorful humor and I like to express myself sometimes using the full extent of the English language (as F*cked up as that may seem) Don’t get me wrong though I think this thread is rated for all ages and it is certainly safe to read at work :beer: just don’t be surprised when you see a middle finger here or there.

Small German Lesson here:
Einkaufswagen (Translation) = Shopping Cart

With that said one of my favorite quotes from later in the thread as it is accurate to how I feel about my car sometimes:
And as always anyone who decides to read this entire thread feel free to ask questions and post ideas all comments are welcome. Again Please i encourage questions as this is how people learn, I am more then happy to share ideas and how i did things!
Current Status (Give or take):

The car in question:
Image uploading. Refresh page to view

The Small ListYear: 2001
Model: Jetta
Trim: GLX
Color: LC6X (Baltic Green AKA Oceanic Green Pearl)
Engine: AFP (12V 2.8L VR6)
Trans: 02M (6 Speed)
Suspension: Koni Coilovers
Wheels: Porsche Turbo Twist II's

The BIG List
-Primarily Black Interior
-Black Suede Headliner, A , B, C Pillars #2
-GLX wood trim
-Power Heated Memory GLI Recaros, Custom Reupholstered + Power A8 Headrests
#2-GLX rear sunshade and suede rear deck
-European rear bench seat built into square bolster sport seats. Rear seat armrest included + Heated rear seats
-Gentex black autodiming rear view mirror with red glow lights and defeat button. +one way glass with hidden display behind mirror.
-Hand crafted wood shift knob. #2 #3 #4
-Hardwood trunk with trap door and battery relocate. #2
-Mk6 GLI Multi Function Steering Wheel
-Custom hand made cluster, Red and white color swap, Skoda Faces, Passat fuel and temp gauges Full FIS. #2 #3 #4 #5
-R32 Dead Pedal and foot pedals.
-42D LED interior lights
-Nexus 7 custom headunit build.
-Rheostat/Dimmer switch
-Built in Passport 8500+ Detector molded in a OEM onstar Panel
-Monser Mats
-Rebuilt Shift Linkage
-A4 FLAT rear headrests
-OEM FUNK Switch
-OEM GAS Switch
-OEM FUNK/GAS Switch holder.
-Late Vin W8 Sunroof pannel with early Vin W8 Sunroof Switch
-Early Vin W8 Sunroof Switch
-Modified SEAT Arosa Headlight switch with front and rear fog function.
-OEM Buttons (FS, Taxi, Overhead Light, Funk, Aux, Alarm
-Color swapted all buttons to red with white indication
-Audi Homelink illumnated buttons built onto a Black passat homelink / Extending sunvisor.
-Custom molded MKV sunglass holder
-GLI center console with cupholders + illuminated Cupholders
-Custom A6 center armrest with cupholders
-Mini Funk Switch
-Automatic windshield wipers
-Inverted Climatronic display with Red LED's
-A/C Glove box
-Illuminated door handles
-Skoda Rear footwell lights + Front footwel lights (Double led's Red / White)
-Early style Passat D pad mirror switch
-Door Pin delete (Bullet caseing deletes)
-Black European front Ash tray
-Auto up / Down front and rear window switches
-OEM Black Interior Monitoring System

-Hid Retrofits with dual blinker setup and Rheostat leveling (Bi-Xenon FXR Projectors) #2 #3 #4
-Hella Micro DE Foglights Retrofitted with HID's (With Remote control) #2
-Hidden Passport Radar Detector (8500+)
-OEM 4 Motion front lip
-Bora R Skirts (Reps)
-Cherry smoked all red tails with a dual break light mod. #2 #3
-ECS aluminum stubby antenna.
-Speedtech Boser
-Power Folding Mirrors + Autodiming side mirrors + Skoda Puddle Ligts + Custom side mirror blinker strips + dip on reverse. #2
-Euro, Aero Wipers
-Euro Trunk with Euro trunk "pop" handle + Auto Trunk Open mod #2
-GLX OEM blue tinted windows.
-Custom VRT Logo

-Koni Coilovers with no perches
-Neuspeed 25mm front sway bar with adjustable end links
-Neuspeed 28mm rear sway bar with adjustable end links
-R32 bushings
-TT Spindles and LCA
-Tyrol sport solid steering rack mount

-Stock 2.8 VR6 AFP
-HD springs
-Stock cams
-Custom secondary Water pump bracket #2
-16.5 lb billet steel flywheel
-Stage 3 clutchnet clutch
-42D Crack Pipe
-5.5L Washer Tank
-42D 3” Catback Exhaust dual walled tips
-Metal Impeller water Pump
-SP Short Runner intake Polished #2
-02M 6 speed with reinforced shift forks.
-Sigma 6 short shifter
-02M Raxels
-Polished/shaved Throttle Body
-Polished Wastegate, Diverter
-Battery Relocate
-Optima Red Top
-Polished A/C lines
-BFI Stage 2 (Green) engine mounts & dogbone
-R8 Coolant Cap
-R8 oil Cap
-3 Core Radiator
-Samco Hoses
-Black Shortened Plug Wires
-Coolant Ball Relocate
-Power Steering Res Relocate
-Polished Aluminum flat Metal Valve Cover
-Aluminum Catch Can

-18" OEM Porsche Turbo Twist 2's
18x8 ET50 F and 18X10 ET65 R
Powdercoated Hyper Silver
Wrapped in Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110 XL's
215/40/ZR-18 Front
235/40/ZR-18 Rear
TRAK 30MM Adaptor in the Rear
TRAK 25MM Adaprot in the Front

-Vr6 Door Sills
-Car 0 Guardrail 1 #2
-Engine Speed Sensor 1 Car 0
-Camshaft Snap Carnage #2
-JJ Larsons Nimbus Grey VRT Partout
-R32 Wheel
-GLI Front Lip
-Gear Logo Rear Trunk Emblem
-GLI lip Chopshop Skidplates #2
-German Flag Manifold
-Blue Tinted Convex/Concave Side Mirror Glass
-R32 Cluster
-Silver Car Picture Set
-LC6X picture Set
-B5.5 Headrests Installed
-Show And Go Licence Plate Holder #2
-Learn to Drive 1
-New South Gauges
-Rear Ended More Details
-Black Jetta Bought / Sold
-LC6X Bought! #2
-Chop Shop Skidplate Eating Sh!t
-Hand Made Skidplates

-In This Thread-

Discussion Index
-Black Interior Suede

Electrical Index
-Connecting DPDT Switch
-How to Wire a Mk6 MFSW in a MK4 (Courtesy of WolfsburgNate)
-Slow Blinker Mod (Led light corrections without resistors)
P/N Index
1J1858366B2QLKT-Lower driver knee panel for extra buttons
1J0 858 105 01C-Lower driver knee panel button holder
1J0 858 180B 01C AND 1J0 858 180C 01C-Blank Buttons (Left And Right)
3B7947106B2EN-Passat W8 Dome Light Assembly-Pearl Grey
3B7959613A2EN-W8 Sunroof Light Switch - Pearl Gray
1K8827761D-Scirocco hatch bump stops
SZ 8010.20 x 032 32- NON OEM Trunk Springs(Used on trunk pop Mod)
4B5827552D- Audi A6 Gas Struts (Used on trunk pop mod)

Funny **** Index
Who needs a lawn Mower?
This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things

-Other places on the internets-

Other Build Threads Of Note:

MNShortBus: My ShortBus Build/Picture Thread.
Cortexiphan: Tim's MkIV R32 Thread.
LC6X: Crayola: Past, Present and Future.

Informational Websites / Posts:
-Powered R32 Seats + Power fold Mirror DIY
-Motion Sensor Install
-Wire Up rear fog on the dash
-Shift Tower Rebuild #2
-Cleaning up instrument Cluster faces
-CCM Swap -1J0 - 1C0
-O2M/4motion Upgrades!
-O2M LSD Install & Disassemble/Reassemble
-Light Painting Tutorial
Vendors, Part Search Websites:

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I expected a lot more but I like where its going :beer:

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2009 A8L W12; 2000 Jetta VR6; 1982 Caddy 2.0T
8,318 Posts
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Wanted to Keep the OP up to date but keep this Original OP as historical Refrence to my crazyness!

This is the story of the restoration of a MK4 Jetta.... (Que dramatic music and grab some popcorn, dim down the lights, and gather the children):popcorn:

Warning this thread Contains the following!
-VR6 Content!
-Jetta Content!
-Collander Content!
-BBS Content!

Rated M for Mature and F for Grammar.

Let me start off with the history of the cars life before me.. :screwy:

My car is semi unique in the fact that that I am the 8th owner of a car that originally started its driving life in Florida as a company fleet car and ended up somewhere in Mass. Finally to be bought by me and to reside in its new home Rhode Island.

It took minutes of tedious Google searching but I can only imagine my car looked like this in its native garb.

(Insert generic silver arrow Jetta here)

And it looked like this on the inside.

Nothing special in fact pretty much baseline except for the 12V VR6 heated seats and a few other extras.

Fast Forward some to the last owner who sold me the car for $1000 with 150k on it (Asking $2000 if I recall correctly) but I after realizing that there was about a foot of water in the back seat, No heat/ac, no interior lights, the ride felt like ****, the engine was abused and beaten to the point where it used more oil then gas.(The amount of oil burning was slightly more noticeable then this)

(But only slightly :facepalm:)

And a number of other problems that at the time i dident seem to care about because I wanted a MK4 Jetta specifically with a VR6 that needed slight work... :laugh:

Here is a list (still growing) of problems I have found with the car that have /are going to be addressed.

FIXED -Ebay Headlights
FIXED -Ebay Tailights
FIXED -Ebay Sidemarkers
REMOVED -Home depo weather stripping for a trunk spoiler
FIXED -No interior Lights
FIXED -Failed Heater core
FIXED -9000 Gallons of water in my back seat (due to the notorious leaky sunroof drain)
FIXED -Cut springs (Explaned Later)
FIXED -11 Year old bearings, bushings, drive-train
TO DO-A scuffed to **** rear bumper with nice paint chips all over
TO DO-A front bumper that is a single piece non OEM ripoff that fits for **** and breaks a little more every time I take it off.
FIXED -Some unmarked unnamed Ebay exhaust that actually made a VR6 sound bad... (Yes that is possible)
REPLACED -Some sort of Aftermarket saggy tits grill.
REPLACED -Bald mismatching tires on stock 15" Avus wheels
TO DO -Broken keyfob that caused the alarm/Immobilizer to go off randomly
NEVER ENDING -More rattling plastic interior parts than a honda.
REPLACED -And Best of all a engine that barely got the car from where i bought it back to my house.

I knew this was going to be fun time after I lowballed the PO of the car and he went ARIGHT with 0 hesitation :rolleyes:

Either way... Next began I wouldn't even call it "The Build" but more like the restoration phase

The engine did last for about 3 more months with alot of tinkering and band aids on top of the band aids. Eventually though on a 105 degree day, the inevitability happened and the son of a bitch grenaded luckily in my driveway. Further investigation into what the true problem lead me to find a chunk of metal about the size of a quarter sucked into the bottom of the oil feed the crank case, basically starving the engine of oil causing it to wear down the rings (blow oil) and to overheat (Grenade) on a hot day. Here is the poor SOB as it sits now. Beaten and destroyed. :(

Its a sad thing, maby eventually I will turn the block into a small table stand like on top gear :laugh:. I cant gather myself to toss the pos I just feel bad about it like it deserves better after the **** it has been through.

None the less, onto the fun part... The modest build for the slightly above average VR6 designed to be a daily driver with some kick. The new engine was from a rear end collision salvage with about 45k on it that I was able to pick up for about 700$ from a local salvage yard. All paperwork to verify and away we go.

Luckly right after I picked up the engine Waterfest 16 happened to roll along and I was able to pretty much purchase all my rebuild/performance parts for the usual kick-ass show prices.

The engine "Build" consisted of.
-268 Schrick Cams
-10lb Autotech aluminum flywheel with a new SACHS clutch
-BFI stage 2 mounts
-Metal water pump
-D42 Crackpipe
-Titatium retainers
-HD Springs
-Every sensor OEM
-Short Ram Intake (on the stock manafold)
-Seals/Gaskets/Chains/Guides All the wear and tear items

Overall the Engine took about 3 weeks of tinkering and DIY research. (Thank god for a half a foot thick Bentley for reference)

And since we all like pictures!

Here are a couple of the madness. Mostly after the new engine is in the car.

Typical engine build mentality

Typical car in typical garage.

Typical parts of typical engine on a typical rock wall

And last Typical Photo of a not so obviously worked on engine head.

All and all the build was a success with little hassle and setbacks. There was nothing that was not covered in either the Bentley or the MK4 DIY.

And of course to top off the car with something to let everyone know. Hey asshat this bish is equipped with a VR6 a nice DD42 3" Magnaflow. Which can only be explained as a muffler that gives "Proper" VR6 Sound a whole new meaning.

That cover's the engine since it has been built it has lasted about 15k reliably and problem free so I am happy with the results.

Now onto the fun stuff... and the MK4 forum specialty.


Well before we get to all that fun part and all lets back up and go to the Limbo stage of the build. We all started off somewhere here between budget modding and entry level mistakes. And I am not embarrassed to say my car was and possibly is there still.

This is my car in such a stage.
*Flame Suit On* and here we go!

This is a pic was before the engine build. take note in the retarded spoiler lip, the crappy tinted eBay taillights the cocked wheel like a gangster showing off the sick ass 15" Avus wheels. Also its hard to see but take note in the perfect stance. :facepalm: But on the bright side i already fixed the Square cutout for the noticeably ****ty exhaust tips!

This picture taken after the engine build shows off my lack of commitment to the body/style of the car.

Temporary summer wheels I picked up cheap. (Borbet XL I believe) And yes they are the same wheels that ruined the look of this car

At least i got them properly space, yet unfortunately I was still on my wonderful hacksaw cut spring suspension. (Which may I add was possibly the worst ride in my god damn life. NEVER CUT SPRINGS!) So all and all the car was "different" but nothing up to standards...

I will follow up on the wheels and suspension later Yes its all fixed now you can stop writing the Hate comments :laugh:

After this stage summer was over and work and school began so time for larger projects came to a halt. Fortunately that meant it was time to work on small details and order parts for later!

Such as...

Some Snazzy new HID retros
I would take a picture of the lights with the bumper on but the misalignment of this aftermarket POS bumper makes me (And will most likely make you) projectile vomit all over the computer. So this will have to do...

Retro specs are
-Bi Xenon
-Dual Signal action
-50W Ballasts with 5000k Lights
-All built by me following multiple DIY's here on our forums.

Some Snazzy VR6 Badge

Originally i wanted the car theme to be Primarily Silver black with German flag accents. So I came up with this to give the front end some color. Also note it matches the Intake manifold :laugh: which does look better with the cover on... So don't get all OMG THAT BAY IS SO UNCLEAN because you are right its dirty as hell but it is a work in progress...

MK5 Tint like MK4 All reds

this was a more recent project that came out excellent, except I cant seem to capture the true color of these on my camera. They match the color of the mk5 OEM cherry tint taillight, and almost look like they are on all the time because of the lighter red strip. Also being MK4 forums and whatnot its taboo to have tint on the taillights. GLI tails or bust! Well I am bored of GLI taillights (Not that they don't look good) I just with people would get more creative with OEM style tails. :p

OEM 2 Tone Black/Tan interior
Again using our DIY's and some unique thinking I went from a all tan interior :thumbdown: to this!

This swap needed...
A Black Roof,A,B,C Pillars, Black Floor Carpet, Black Deck, Black Dash Pannels, Black Center Console, Black Door Cards, Black Plastic Trim around the car
All taken from at least 4 junk cars cars :thumbup:


Some spiffy shifter
This was a old thing that unfortunately never got made, but i might resurrect the idea.

Led interior lights?
Now that my interior lights are working again!
Refrence http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5174687-Mk4-Electrical-Gremlins for the details. I am thinking of DD42 LED interior lighting along with either a W8 console or a w8 Retrofit to the existing console.

VR6 Door Rails
I already have these CNC machined I just need to figure out if I want to color/coat them so they last. No pictures yet but I will grab some when I get a chance.


Now we get to the present! and the only thing anyone cares about. :rolleyes:

The car sits now on Koni Coilovers I know they are not known for the lowest of the low status. But after research I found these suited my purpose of looking somewhat good, being somewhat performance driven, and also being well priced.

I ended up getting Neuspeed sway-bars front and rear for the extra R in retarded. And after replaceing things like this...

And doing everything at once, my car went from cut springs, sloppy stearing, no handling, body roll, ****ty ride quality, and Lift kit!


****ty ride quality, what should have been stock ride height, 0 body roll, and Guided missile handling.

Overall I am extremely happy with what I got not because its the best... but because its exactly what I expected to have when it was all said and done. and if worse comes to worse and i get all crazy like most of the people here. I can start to modify the suspension to make it go lower... 90 bushing -perches and all that nonsense but for now I am happy.

Il take some pictures and properly whore out the car once I finish putting these on...

Literaly just got these, OEM Turbo Twist 2's (Hollow Spoke) 18x8 et50 F and 18X10 et65 R

Just waiting on tires and spacers...


So thats everything in the works...

Major Unstarted Projects

-BODY KIT YO! I want a full OEM GLI kit and after that happens...

-Re Paint the bish! Nothing special no crazy ass colors Reflex silver with a black roof like it is now. with black mirrors.

-Stage 3 turbo :laugh: Sooner then you think :sly:

I will keep this up to date for no particular reason except your amusement / interest. Hope you all like the work being done :thumbup:

2009 A8L W12; 2000 Jetta VR6; 1982 Caddy 2.0T
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Well we got good news!

and of course we have bad news...

All of this came in the mail today!

Which is all well and good except ECS sent me 4 25M Adapters... instead of the purchased 30 and 35M :mad:

Sometime tomorrow I will call them up and proceed with the hostage negotiation to solve the problem...

All of the R trim however can now go into the growing OEM trim pile :laugh:

Everything in this picture was bought with about 25$ from some sketchy old guy that had no idea what they were for :sly: not a complete set but it is still a good portion of the 20th trim for dirt cheap.
Not to mention a CLIMAtronic for a later major project :laugh:


3,243 Posts
You need the complete climatronic system to swap it in. Such a PIA.

Good progress and I like reading threads that make logical sense and are not written in one long babbling paragraph :thumbup:

199 Posts
Which is all well and good except ECS sent me 4 25M Adapters... instead of the purchased 30 and 35M :mad:
hell, that's for sure. it was probably your fault. you must have overlooked it and ordered the wrong thing :rolleyes:

good luck and a great read, definitely turned the car completely around :thumbup::beer:

2009 A8L W12; 2000 Jetta VR6; 1982 Caddy 2.0T
8,318 Posts
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hell, that's for sure. it was probably your fault. you must have overlooked it and ordered the wrong thing :rolleyes:

good luck and a great read, definitely turned the car completely around :thumbup::beer:

Negative The boxes both have 30M and 35M labeled on the side along with the packing slip... :sly:

Yet both boxes came with the same adapters measured 25m

Also all 4 adapters have the same part number on the side :screwy:

Hopefully this afternoon I will be able to get some support and get the problem fixed :thumbup:

199 Posts
Negative The boxes both have 30M and 35M labeled on the side along with the packing slip... :sly:

Yet both boxes came with the same adapters measured 25m

Also all 4 adapters have the same part number on the side :screwy:

Hopefully this afternoon I will be able to get some support and get the problem fixed :thumbup:
when my order got messed up, they told me that I overlooked things and it wasn't their problem.

good luck getting it all fixed :thumbup:

:pic: when the wheels get on!
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