Just because there's no official word on the possibility of Volkswagen creating a new Corrado model, doesn't mean that digital artists can't take a stab at designing their own.  Assembled using bits of Volkswagen's Sport Coupe GTE Concept and Audi's Sport Quattro Concept, Theophilus Chin has not only come up with something that looks great, but also something that includes enough Volkswagen design language to be believable.


Now a new Corrado could certainly be built using MQB underpinnings if Volkswagen saw fit to do so, but we aren't so sure that it would happen.  The Corrado only saw one generation of life, meaning that many potential buyers are unfamiliar with the name, and those who do remember it may still have memories of reliability issues.  Either way, if Volkswagen were to make something like this, we wouldn't kick it out of bed.

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