Now that the so-called 'Chicken Tax' is apparently on the way out, the door just may open for vehicles like Volkswagen's Amarok and the Toyota Hilux to become available on US shores.  But by the time everything goes through, we'd likely see a second generation Amarok at US dealerships (if at all), so what would that look like?  Automotive Manipulator Theophilus Chin has decided to give it a go.


Heavily relying on the Crossblue Concept and current Amarok as a starting point, Chin has effectively given the current Amarok a very significant facelift.  Employing the flared arches and high beltline from Volkswagen's most recent SUV concepts, this Amarok render is without a doubt more muscular than the current model.  And while we're admittedly in the dark when it comes to when the Amarok will eventually see a massive overhaul, we certainly wouldn't be mad if it turned out like this.

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