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Hey i have a problem, my thermostat is malfunctioning and i can't figure out how to get to it! I have a manual for my 97 4 cylinder Volkswagon Jetta Manual transmission. It says to get to it you must take off the power sterring bracket or something, and i did that and the power steering thing won't BUDGE at all. Does anyone know any details on HOW to get to the thermostat in a Volkwagon Jetta gasoline engine model? I would greatly appreciate any help anyone would give me! PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING! If anyone is really smart fell free to give step by step basic details on how to get to the thermostat! Thanks a lot.
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Re: THERMOSTAT Problems (Jagster936)

I did mine a few weeks ago, here is what I remeber.. your right about the ps pump, first take the ps, waterpump belt off, second take off the power steering pump bracket, I think there were five 13mmbolts holding it in place, there is one which is on top of the pump. After that, you'lll be able to take the pump out of the way without disconecting the two hoses. You'll be able to see those two bolts that hold a elbow fitting, slowly loose those, prestone will start to come out, then remove completely, (watch out for a prestone shower!!) there is your thermostat. As they say, re-install in reverse order!! Hope it helps you out.
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