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thermostat replacement

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I am going to change my thermostat, What parts do I need, how do I change it? And the big question where is it? I guess its under the plastic housing with all of the sensors?
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Re: thermostat replacement (Russ)

I have a jetta and just replaced my thermostat housing and thermostat last week.
(If the setup is the same, which I think it is)
The theromstat housing is directly under the coilpack. The thermostat is on the bottom of the housing, I think there is 3 allen head bolts that come out and the thermostat sits in there. It's sort of a pain in the butt, thats why when I replaced the housing (it was leaking) I spent the extra $$$ an just replaced the thermostat.
Re: thermostat replacement (Russ)

There are three allen bolts that hold the housing to the block, located under the coil pack on your car (the same one with the three differently colored sensors). Remove coolant lines (upper and lower rad hose as well as one to the secondary h20 pump) and unplug sensors. Remove said allen bolts to remove complete assembly. Remove three allen bolts that hold the thermostat cover to the housing, located at the bottom of the housing when installed in the car, and replace thermostat. You will need to buy the replacement thermostat, thermostat cover rubber seal, and the rubber seal between the housing and the block.
Re: thermostat replacement (vwlippy)

Thanks for the infomation! I just got it all out and the housing is comming apart at the bottom, so I called the local dealer, the parts are not in stock .So I have them on order, the housing, thermostat and all o-rings etc. and a couple of gallons of VW antfreeze. Yes I boiled the thermstat up to 235 degrees and it would not open! I think this will solve overheating problem!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: thermostat replacement (Russ)

You can get the complete kit from Potter http://www.parts4vws.com
Good luck!
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