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where is it under the hood mine is stuck and i dont know where it is.
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Re: thermostat (corradoxedge)

Look for it at the water pump located on the bottom passanger side of the engine, first pulley towards the front of the car, runs off of the v-belt. Yes you hace to take the water pump out to replace [email protected]#$%#$
Re: thermostat (TexasCorradoG60)

I'm sorry but the waterpump does not have to be pulled to replace the thermostat. Just go under the car remove the bracket behind the power steering pump Then you will see the plastic flange that holds the thermostat inplace. Draining the fluid is messy. Make certain you get the new O-Ring too. BTW there is a bolt on the top side of the bracket and its difficult to remove without a 6" wobbler extension as its a blind Bolt and its 13mm. Good luck, Frank
Re: thermostat (G60ING)

just follow your lower radiator hose to the engine. G60ing is right you don't have to pull your waterpump to get to the thermostat
Re: thermostat (G60ING)

Thanks for the correction guys....I was not there when the thermostat was replaced, but I also had the water pump replaced at the same time. It did look like it had to be out of the way to replace the thermo.
LOL I am glad to be wrong, in this case I will not do the wrong thing when it comes time to do it myself.
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