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What thermostats are interchangable in the VW line? I've heared there are only three different ones. Most 1.6-1.8L thke the same one, and I'm guessing 2.0 is different, and proably a differtent one for VR6. There are some for sale on Ebay, and I HATE parts store crap made in China! I only go with German parts for my German car. The one listed is for a 93 Golf, it looks like mine, I just wanted to make sure.
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Re: Thermostats (VW-Quantum-Man)

No one has any idea?
Re: Thermostats (VW-Quantum-Man)

Are you looking for a source for German thermostats, or looking for various temperatures? I've been using Wahler Brazilian-made ones without any issues. I just got a 70C thermostat for my VW Fox along with a 85C/93C rad fan switch. Here are the part numbers (I *think* they fit all 4-cyl engines):
70C 056 121 113 E
80C 056 121 113 A
87C 056 121 113 D
92C 056 121 113 G
Rad fan switches (3-pin, for 2-speed fans):
92C/98C 321 959 481 D
85C/93C 321 959 481 M
Re: Thermostats (VW Fox)

What are the advantages of running a cooler thermostat? I've seen people run no thermostat at all, but if the cylinders never reach normal temp, then it seems that tthere would be greater tolerances, and that is never a good thing.
Re: Thermostats (VW-Quantum-Man)

Cooler thermostats could bring you more problems. I have seen cars with cooler thermostats overheat due to the cycle of cooling being interupted by the water cycling too fast and not cooling enough in the radiator. Just get a cooler fan switch so that it will cool the radiator faster.
BTW all VW I4 have the same block design and same WP and housing so that means same thermostat.

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Re: Thermostats (B3sat16v)

Thats wierd! The coolant is pumped so fast through the radiatir it does not have time to cool? Sounds like someone has too small of a pully on the water pump. Slow that thing down! LOL
Re: Thermostats (VW-Quantum-Man)

thermostat OPEN and CLOSES creating a cycle dude, Trust me. Thats why you have a thermostat to control the temperature. Here is how it works, the water gets hot in the motor to cool it due to the heat transfer, at certain temperature, the thermostat open a circulates the water to the radiator where it cools and cooler water gets in the motor to cool it.

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Re: Thermostats (B3sat16v)

They do not open and close as a cycle, they more like open to keep the cooling system at the rated temp. If the cycled the temp gauge would go up and down slightly as it cycled open and closed. They open slowly as the temp gets clost to the rated temp, and then stay open as far as needed to keep the temp at the thermostat's reating. I know how they work, I was just curious what a cooler one would do for the engine, is it better to run at a cooler temp, or a hotter one.
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