Friend of the site and former contributor Sam McEachern once observed that a convertible SUV perfectly sums up the German sense of humor. Turns out VW is really committed to this bit because they’ve announced today that production is starting on the T-Roc cabriolet.

It turns out that T-Roc cabriolet is synecdochical in more than one way because, as of writing, it’s the only convertible that VW produces. If you needed a clearer summation of the automotive market today, you’d struggle to find a better one than the only convertible produced by the world’s largest automaker (sorta) is an SUV.

Production will take place at Volkswagen’s Osnabrück plant, which also produces the Porsche Cayman—better bedfellows we could not conceive.
“The vehicle was in large part developed in Osnabrück. Now it is being produced here too,” said Andreas Tostmann, head of production. “The team did a lot of work to bring the T-Roc Cabriolet here and are now finally reaping the reward for their efforts.”

We’ll check our statements and tone here to say that at least the T-Roc Cabriolet isn’t boring. While there are several cars we’d rather see (and we won’t see this one in North America because we apparently share neither Germany’s sense of humor nor its proclivity for tiny SUVs like the T-Roc), but there absolutely isn’t enough weird stuff in the automotive realm, so far be it from us to criticize anyone from making something odd and/or interesting.

And say what you will, the people making do seem really excited about it, which ultimately is what we really want out of our automakers.

“The entire team is proud to have the privilege of making the Volkswagen brand's only convertible. We worked hard for it,” said Jörg Müller, a spokesperson for the Osnabrück management team.