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Think real hard!! (pic)

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Does anyone remember the pic of the dark color corrado (black, maroon maybe)with those really nice wheels and the pic looks like it was taken in front of some bleachers?
it was a front view and i believe the car was from finland-- tinted windows, -- and the area in the pic had nice green grass and clean gravel---
does anyone know this picture??? if so please post it!!! thank you!!
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Re: Think real hard!! (g60vwr)

oh come on!! the wheels looked like chrome bbs wheels! or maybe racing hart c2 anyone???? the pic was taken a distance away-- really nice pic!
Re: Think real hard!! (K-FIZZEES SLCZ)

thats it! you are the man!!! now what wheels r those??
Re: Think real hard!! (assumed1)

anyone have any more pics?? what do those wheels cost?
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