Who has $15,000 lying around for a toy car?

We’ve covered model cars from the Amalgam Collection in the past, creators of some of the most accurate toy cars imaginable. The company has tailor-made, bespoke 1:8-scale models available, including one for the new Chiron priced at $10,160. But if you think that’s crazy, this Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse model car costs a cool $15,000 because it’s received custom LED lighting from Modell Lichtsysteme.

According to Modell Lichtsysteme, which has illuminated several other model cars in the past, this Veyron is the first of two illuminated models ever made and features fully-functioning LED lights up front, inside the cabin, and in the rear. It’s quite impressive to see the lights in action and just how accurate they are compared to the real production car. We can’t even imagine what the total will be for an illuminated Amalgam Chiron model car.

This article first appeared on AutoGuide