Microbus buyers have very specific needs when it comes to window and door count, but this may take the cake. Believed to be one of just one of three left in the world, this double-door walk-through camper is up for sale this weekend in England .

Which is annoying because it first landed in California, where EZ Campers, a renowned aftermarket camper company, plied its trade. EZ Campers put on EZ front steps (now very rare) and converted the interior before handing it back to the dealership where it sold in 1964.

It spent some time in disuse before being purchased by Vintage Warehouse, who added the double bunk pop-top and the awnings.

It was then exported to the UK in 2005, where a restoration was performed by Haywood Classic & Custom, which spared no expense, using high-quality materials. In total, they spent about £50,000 on the restoration.

Now it’s being sold at The Silverstone Classic Sale 2017 and it will roll across the block on July 29. Silverstone Auctions expects it to go for £70,000 to £80,000.