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this is bound to be a really easy answer.. but... help me out anyway?

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ok.. now this is pretty stupid post... i should be able to figure this one out.. but...
i've been scrapin my arms and hands all to hell for the last 20 min.. tryin to get the harness for my o2 sensor... OFF THE MOTOR MOUNT
i've got the two halves unplugged from one another, now i just wanna get the old one off that motor mount... i'm looking @ my new one right now... and it seems as though it just slides out sideways.. is there something i'm missin here?? anyone got a tip/trick for gettin that darn thing off?? any help would be appreciated!!
btw... 90 g60
thanks a mill everyone!
while i'm @ it... i did a search for the correct diameter for the ecu-tb vac hose.. and every post seems to have come up w/a different diameter. someone said that a 3.5mm would work just dandy... can anyone verify this @ all?? or???
tahnks again
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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