If you spot a guy in a green man suit with a razor blade and a sponge, don’t be alarmed. You may want to check your garage and see if your car’s still the same color, though.

Even though we have little to go on in making this assertion, one look at their stop-motion video evokes thoughts of a guy in a green jumpsuit fiendishly working away to give the fourth-gen Golf that stars in the video a whole new look.

Behind the Scenes of a Wrap Video

The team at ORAFOL Vehicle Wraps might like our suggestion, but the reality is that creating this mind-blowing film was much more tedious than applying a wrap while dressed in a green man suit .

Each frame of the two-minute video had to be captured while the workers applying the wrap were off screen. Wrapping a car without making a stop-motion video takes a while, so you can imagine this was no two-bit job. Props to video editor autoapklijavimas for making the whole thing look seamless.

A Golf Gets the Blues

Speaking of seamless, the ORACAL 970RA wrap these guys applied looks perfect on the timeless lines of this modern classic golf. The car’s owner obviously likes blue, since his paint is that color, too, but the wrap adds another dimension.

The lighter color and metallic quality of the vinyl really make the teenage Golf pop, and compared to the money you would spend on a full respray, which could cost upwards of six or seven thousand dollars, the wrap is an outstanding value. Material costs for a car like this should come between $500 and $700 . With application, a job like this should cost in the ballpark of $3,500 all told.

This application will last for several years, and it will even protect the paint beneath it, which looks to be in pretty good condition in the video. If it’s damaged, a wrap can be repaired, unlike paint, and some modern materials are even self-healing. As for making the video, you’ll probably need to attend design school for that — or just do a whole lot of internet research.