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I had occasion to be in Austin, TX for business yesterday, and stopped by a local VW dealership, Charles Maund Imports. http://www.maundimportsvw.com While they are a Phaeton dealer and had 2 out, I was more interested in the Passat W8s that they might have.
Turns out they have three 2003 W8 sedans, 2 black and 1 silver. One black with black leather Tip w Sport, and black/gray and silver/gray 6 speeds, which of course have sport.

Apparently never titled, on the lot for a while, and they want to get rid of them. $7,000 off on the windshield of each of them. They say they won't negotiate any further, but this was just a quick visit, so who knows.

Anyway, if anyone is actively looking... Also gives you a good negotiating position with other dealers <grin>.
Any questions...
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