You never really know how much you've got until you've moved.  Recently our East Coast office did just that, discovering hundreds of brochures and press kits from years gone by.  Rather than discard them, we've decided that it would be best to preserve all of this literature by uploading it directly to our galleries for all to see, and feature each Thursday in a special throwback piece.


Today marks the first of these pieces, and we've chosen to feature the european-market 20th Anniversary GTI.  For those who may be confused, the Euro market GTI was introduced a full five years before it ever hit US shores, which causes the discrepancy in special editions.  Volkswagen produced 1000 of the cars, featuring a special shift knob, red seat belts, Recaro sport seats up front among many other smaller touches which set it apart from the 'normal' GTI of the era.


Unlike the 25th Anniversary model (that's 337 to us), the 20th Anniversary came in a choice of six different colors and two interior fabrics, although the checker-pattern cloth was likely the choice of most enthusiasts.


Check out the full gallery here , and stay tuned for more throwbacks in the coming weeks.