Just because a car is brand-new doesn't mean it couldn't use a bit of TLC to make it perfect, which is what forum user AllThingsGhetto had in mind for his wife's new Tiguan when they purchased it earlier in the year. Let's take a look at the build and how he made the "total utilitarian urban road warrior" an even better daily driver for his wife.

The Car

For a VW fan who is looking for a decent daily driver, this Tiguan hits all the bases . It has a ton of cargo space, rides fairly smoothly and has plenty of leg room for passengers in the first- and second-row seating. It doesn't get the best gas mileage — coming in at 22 mpg for city driving and 27 for highway — but it's far from the worst option on the market, which is why it was the perfect choice for AllThingsGhetto when he and his wife were searching for a new VW to replace her Mk6 Jetta. The Jetta is still in the family, though — it's going to his teenage daughter, who is just reaching driving age and looking at getting her first car.

The Build

How do you improve on the perfect car? By making it look both amazing and functional, that's how. AllThingsGhetto started out by protecting the car from his children with seat covers on the back seats, and seat back protectors on the front to keep them safe from little ones who use the seat backs as a footrest during long car trips.

After getting new tires and rims installed at a local tire shop, he also updated the window trim so it matched the back windows. A $77 rear cargo cover from Amazon — infinitely cheaper than the OEM version, which would have cost him a whopping $300 — fits perfectly in the back, and an aftermarket bumper protector prepared the Tiguan for even the biggest grocery runs.

There isn't a lot currently available when it comes to flashes or tuning for the Tiguan as of yet, so most of the car's upgrades were aesthetic — except for the suspension. AllThingsGhetto swapped out the OEM suspension for a set of eMMotion suspension components that improved the ride dramatically.

A bit of leftover Platinum Gray touch-up paint was all he needed to make the front bumper accents match the rest of the car's color scheme, and he got a new set of fog lights installed as well. He also added some aluminum door sill add-ons to bring the whole look together.

The Accident

No one wants to think about getting into an accident, but they do happen. When you put as much work into a build as AllThingsGhetto did, you hate to see any damage occur. Unfortunately, AllThingsGhetto's wife ran over a metal object in the road that trashed one of her rims. He had to reinstall the stock wheels until he could purchase and install a new rim.

Many car accidents are preventable by practicing safe driving, keeping your eyes on the road and being wary of other drivers, but sometimes — as in the case of the Tiguan — there are objects in the road you can't avoid.

The Future

The last update AllThingsGhetto posted about his wife's Tiguan was about the accident, but we're hoping he has some big things planned for the future — especially once aftermarket companies start releasing flashes and tuning kits for this particular make and model. We can't wait to see what he does with it next.