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2018 Tiguan SEL-P there, with almost all bells and whisles here, except it is 2 rows, not 3, and some luxury missing on
the back such as heated sits and 3zone climate...
+ APR ST 1 RON 87.

Decided to make this post after a lot of googling around and trying to source some information about the situation with our AISIN 8sp AWF8F35 for those unfortunate to get it...
Seems that in North America it was the only option, and I loved the car but...

1. Shifting patterns are RIDICULOUS!
Even after reflash of the gearbox software, I got the car with the software fix already installed, definitely behaves kind of normal, kind of.
1. I'm getting thumb-clank on downshift 3-2 in sport mode, and sometimes in normal drive too
2. shifts to early between 1-2 giving a noice pull-jerk feel while kind of soft locking the torque converter...when manually shifting at 3k rpms it is not noticeable at all!
3. 3-d gear that what is going to kill that gearbox...it keeps TQ open and it drives like variator even uphill! definitely killing oil + friction bands insight + hydraulic control body unit...

So my question is has somebody tried to mess around softcoding on this car? Like on the previous-gen 6-sp AISIN
I found some info about new softcoding options for 20bits controllers but for 6-sp new gen ASIN in Russian Net ( Yes I read russian as well as ukrainian and polish) but it is unclear if it will work on the 8sp.
Hoping that there is a way to fix the issues with our gearbox...Will be happy for any input. Thanks!

6-sp on 2007 Passat 2.0T, I was able to adjust to my liking completely disabling soft-locking of TQ, completely disabling adaptation, and changing it to close sport mode, had original 250k mi on it and it keeps driving well.
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