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I have been lurking these forums for a few years now and I think it is time for me to share my vision of how I express my creativity through my car build. Many thanks to all the fellow enthusiasts who have been kind enough to help me along the way, and to those currently supporting me to reach my end goal. Much of my inspiration has come from the other build threads here on the vortex and even more so when I get to see the actual built car in person and being able to meet the owner at the show and exchange ideas. This :heart: is what made me like the VAG scene.

the car is a 2009 2.5l 5 speed manual transmission rabbit 2 door hatchback baseline model.

I want to keep the car as OEM+ as possible while adding a few touches to the way the car handles and performs, as well as the visually aesthetic appeal. Much of this thread will be pictures(taken by my Panasonic G2 and iPhone), some will be a wish list of future upgrades, a brief overview of the past 4 years I had the car, and finally I would like the community to come in and give some comments or constructive criticism...lmk what you think of my build, I’m open to hear new ideas!

This is my daily driver and I intend to keep enjoying daily driving it for the next several years.
Keeping exceptional maintenance with longevity in mind is important to me.
I regularly take long distance trips with this car, it has been to every state along the east coast. I mainly do trips from VA to NY and NC area. I am originally from NJ and travel up north several times a year to visit family and friends.

miles: 93k-october 2013

this is a slow pace build thread. I am a student on a budget so there is only so much I can afford to do at a time, I have been able to source the majority of the parts for my build lightly used in good condition or scoring deals through sales.

P1030868 by dhenr012, on Flickr


Euro Golf Front Bumper
Euro Golf Five Bar Grille
Badgeless Grille
Notch filled in hood and the bumper
Votex Rabbit Lip
GTI side skirts
OEM Smoked Tails
OEM Roof Rack Base Bars
OEM Luggage Carrier/ Basket
OEM Bike Carrier
Stubby Antenna

Bride Euro II Gradation reclinable seats
Golf European Steering Wheel
Golf Shift Knob
Golf Monster Mats
GTI Aluminum Pedal Set
Euro Switch Aluminum trim
Euro Dash Cubby/ Mini Glove box
Wood Flooring in hatch

Mercedes Benz 18x8.5 et 28 205-40
Mercedes Benz 18x9.5 et 33 215-40 (camber set at maximum negative)
Nitto Neogen Tires
Hubcentric Rings
Mercedes Afalterback Centercaps

Airlift Double Bellow Rear Bags
B&G 18-way dampening adjustable fully threaded shock body
3/8 inch airline
5 gallon tank
Aasco 8 way valve manifold block
AVS 7 way switchbox
VIAR 400cc compressor
VIAR dual needle gauges (X2)
SMC water trap
TS front lower control arm bushing

Engine Performance
United Motorsport Short Runner NA Tune
HEP Short Runner Intake Manifold
BSH CAI shortened to fit with SRI
Eurojet 2.5 Catback (Gen 1, prior to stasis takeover)
Black Forest Industries Stage 2 subframe insert
Black Forest Industries Stage 1 complete replacement billet transmission mount
Black Forest Industries Stage 1 billet motor mount
Bluewater/ Integrated Engineering polished valve cover
NLS Short throw shifter
42 Draft Designs billet shifter bushings

Liqui Moly Leichtlauf High Tech low friction high SAPS 5w40 5k-7.5k oil change interval
Liqui Moly Ceratec

Future Plans
Clutchmaster FX-400 Kit lightweight steel flywheel 6 puck clutch
Eurojet Tubular Manifold (one out of two produced, pre-stasis takeover)
Precision 5031e T3/T4 turbo .63 a/r ( aka garrett "50 trim" with PTE housings)
Tial 44mm V-Band wastegate
(need to order small blue 7.25psi/.50 bar V44 wastegate spring)
Tial Blow Off Valve
JDL Auto Design FMIC (garrett high density fin bar and plate core)
HB Motorwerks 3" downpipe
Bosch 550cc injectors
Walbro 255 inline fuel pump
United Motorsport 2009+ Forced Induction Software
waiting on UM to finish the 2009+ E85 software, no lift shift, and launch control
Podi Dual display gauge
DEI turbo heat shield
Delete SAI
Relocate battery
Tuck and clean up wires/ hoses in engine bay
Bodywork (widen rear quarter panels while maintaining oem body lines)
SSR Type F 17x9 et 35 deep face (concave) silver color
245-40-17 tires
super pro light weight control arms
eurosport stress bars
grip royal steering wheel w/ NRG quick realese
schroth tuning harness
IE Camber plates
lug to stud conversion
porsche brake upgrade
upgrade sway bars
euro rear bumper
headlight retrofit
LED lighting

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Table of Contents:

Brief History of the Past Four Years

i picked the car up dec 28, 2008
7 miles were on the odometer when i got it.

first mods were intake, muffler delete, coils, gti skirts, votex lip, and i picked up a europlate named the car bugzbunny

got in an accident and shaved the front end

the car has seen some better days:rolleyes:

**** got flooded :banghead:

When the car was on coilovers 3 years ago. this was one of the first shots I ever took of my own car. I was still learning photography and was shooting a 35mm canon rebel.

rudee inlet 1 by dhenr012, on Flickr

most recent shots

P1030910 by dhenr012, on Flickr

nytrip1 by dhenr012, on Flickr

try it in HD please

skip to 0:25 for sound. i placed the microphone inside the engine bay as i drove around to capture the true sound of that 5 cylinder orchestra

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Clutchmaster FX-400 Kit lightweight steel flywheel 6 puck clutch


Euro II seats by dhenr012, on Flickr

steering wheel

DSC_0104 by ForzaTuner, on Flickr

tubular manifold


engine shot

DSC_0066 by ForzaTuner, on Flickr

dyno sheet
stock is around 145whp and 155tq
gained 37whp NA just on SRI, catback, and tune

dyno by dhenr012, on Flickr

hatchback shot

dat ass


motor mount comparison

tranny mount, control arm bushing, NLS short shifter

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I have always liked your car, keep it up :wave:
always liked your car,

down with this for sure :thumbup::thumbup:
Finally this happened.

I've always loved your car ;)
thanks guys

Great as always. Gonna be so much better with boost.

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special thanks to both Fred and Alex, both of you guys have been tremendously helpful in making some critical decisions on which direction to take this build. thanks for the guidance

Nice car man. Just curious, but where did you get your HEP SRI from? I've been looking around for one and can't find any company that stocks it.
you might be **** outta luck bud...I dont think these 5 cyl manifolds are made anymore. iirc there were about a dozen or so manifolds and they are hand made. I got mine through the UM dealer network. Have you tried Bluewater Performance, AP tuning, or even contacting Howie the fabricator directly?
I think your readily available option is the C2 manifold. Even better if you wait, Integrated Engineering will release a cheaper cast SRI.
However in my case the UM/HEP SRI is preferred because the larger plenum is better for boost.

I think you should paint the back of your grill black. The white popping through clutters it IMO
yea I agree with you. Ill paint the back section black with plastidip or something to see how it looks.

If anyone has a grill FS does not need to be candy white. I am interested. I need a new badgeless grill.

hell yeah buddy, keep up the good work :thumbup:

I'll catch up with you down GA. Wish I could make it to Eurokracy but I slept on my passport again :banghead:

And again dude, your :pic: skills, wow! I going to need you to shoot mine soon :)
I appreciate it Dan, I might redo my hatch set up and do hardlines like we talked a while back. Ill see you in Helen!

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Here's a few pics so you guys can see how things should fit.

these are Ronnie's old photos of the manifold

Sure a top mount turbo set up looks bad ass, but I think I like seeing that tubular mani even more:D

Also I plan to rearrange some things in the engine bay so I can fit the AWIC in there similar to this.

wow such a beauty makes me want to turbo my rabbit will definitely be watching this thread
do it! 2.5t FTW

:thumbup: Dominick
thanks Colin

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Moar fapping!

This will be soo awesome... And the 5457 is definitely a very quick spool. It's not as fast nor as powerful up top.. but it spools.really fast... It's in fact hard to be out of boost...
You will love it.

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that is the size of what I have currently. but like we talked before...I might send my unit into precision so they can upgrade it to a 5957 with a billet compressor wheel I am keeping my .63 a/r housing. and I would have a one year warranty for ~$350

idk but that sounds good to me.

hopefully with a bigger compressor wheel the spool up time will not add too much lag. I am willing to compromise super quick spool for a slightly larger turbo that will push some more ponies up top and have a higher rate of flow.

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I'll make it easy for you to decide... But all you have to do is not to send your turbo in yet.

In sowo you have to drive my car... And depending on the turbo I have there you can make your informed.decision.
If I have the 54, then you'll know what you have and wether or not you want it.
If I have the 58 you will be able to know what you'd have if you go with the upgrade.

Either way, you'll make more power because of the manifold and the wafer cooler.

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