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Timing.. Advance?

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If I'm not going crazy, advance is counter clockwise (anti-clockwise) right? So.. the rotor should be left of the tdc 0 mark, not right of it, correct? Mine is currently about 6-7 deg to the right of the mark. The bently calls for 6 deg, although others have said that 8 deg is better

The good news it that the head gasket fix and cam replacement went well. In fact, before I could find the mark on the flywheel (man is that hard to see), I had already perfectly lined it up. Just did it by pushing the belt one possition forward, then back, etc until it seemed to run "best". http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Next up... the bottom end to fix that pesky rod bearing rattle.
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Re: Timing.. Advance? (hallkbrd)

It should be right of the mark when the no 1 cylinder is at tdc.
Then the rotor has already passed the 0 mark 6 degrees ago, and therefore it is 6 degrees advanced.
(and advancing is counter-clockwise)

[Modified by CorradoFANATIC, 10:33 AM 11-30-2001]
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Re: Timing.. Advance? (CorradoFANATIC)

Doohhh. Of course you are right. Not enough sleep the last week (working on car til 1-2AM each night) will do that to you.
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