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Well the car I bought less than a month ago has suffered some description of timing failure. I bought it knowing it had no history and a rattle that went away after a couple minutes with a retard set point not reached code. I was planning on fixing it after the first of the year but I guess that time table is getting moved up. Went for a drive and was idling just outside the garage when I got a really bad miss and a metallic symphony so I shut it down and rolled it in. Scanned it and found cylinder 5-8 misfire counts stupid high, cam sensor signal implausible, and the setpoint bank 2 codes. Fearing the worst I pulled the valve covers and found this mess on the drivers side.

Luckily I think I’ve avoided complete disaster, cam to cam and bank to bank timing are still good checking with a straightedge. Boroscope shows no contact marks on the piston so it appears the cam sensor being obstructed by metallic bits may have caused the misfire. However this leaves a mystery, all the guides up top look damn near brand new. Not even enough wear to feel and the chains are iwis brand. I’m assuming that spring came from a tensioner but I want to know how in the f!ck it managed to ejecto.
Obviously engine is now coming out and most likely getting all new timing components as long as nothing is crashed completely. I will continue to document my findings here after the first of the year when I can get time to pull the motor

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