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Timing ... Fueling

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The head came off my car to address once and for all my oil loss issue i've been having.
Can timing cause the car to run overly rich? This is not for sure, but the shop working on my car reported that crank timing was off 3 degrees and the cam was off by a tooth.
The machine shop says there's way too much fuel going into the motor. The exhaust ports have crazy amounts of carbon in them, thus, causing the exhaust valve stem seals to leak because of the gas thinning the oil.
How the heck did it not bend the valves, still get over 300 miles to a tank, and put down 175whp?
This is what i'm being told. Input?
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Re: Timing ... Fueling (piran21)

i dont think thats right, i put the autotech 262s, which habv the same lift as the shrick 268s, i was off 1 tooth on and they chattered like crazy, maybe you can retard it one tooth and not have any issues but id seriously look into that. is this shop known for doing work on VR6s??
Re: Timing ... Fueling (dossantos25)

what was your AFR when you made that 175whp pass
and yeah having the cam timing off by one tooth will cause ALOT of valve chatter but wont bend the valves
also how exactly did they confirm that the crank timing was off?
who did the chains that would cause the crank timing to be off?
something doesnt really add up here and i think you need to ask more questions about who did the work...because if your oil was getting contaminated by fuel to the point where it leaks past valve seals...your bottom end would be knocking
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