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Started the car for the first time today in a year after flushing coolant system and refilling it.
It turned maybe 2/3 times and started up fine, acted a little funny at first but it needed to burn off some of that old gas I GUESS.
But then I turned it off because my thermostat was not opening up... So I replaced it. But now I went to start the car again and its missing and spitting and putting.
Could this just be the 1 year old gas thats causing it, or is it bad timing?
One thing to consider is I think the spark plugs are really old.
But when i ran the car for the first time it was fine, but now its doing this.
But another thing is I have the power steering pump disconnected from the belt,
could this be screwing up timing?
Thanks for all your help

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Re: Timing (dennisbennett)

quote:[HR][/HR]No, your timing should not be off just from the work that you described. By the way, where is the t-stat on your vehicle??? I would replace those plugs right away. When was the last time the car ran??
Dennis [HR][/HR]​
I agree. not your timing. gas tends to turn to laquer after about 2-3 months. change your plugs, get rid of that old gas and get new, (personaly I would change the oil as well) and yeah if you did a coolant flush then change the t-stat and fan switch.
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