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Timing mark on the bottom pof the engine?

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I checked through the DIY, but they don't make references on where the timing marks are. If I turn the dot on the cam gear up until it lines up with the arrow on the valve cover, the timing mark on the bottom pulley does not line up with anything at all. It points straight down. This does not seem right to me... But not knowing where the timing mark on the engine is that lines up with the bottom pulley.
Anyone have any ideas?

Also, which cylinder is marked as #1? Is it the first one in the front of the engine, or is it a different one?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Timing mark on the bottom pof the engine? (ZX6R1033)

ive had similar problems trying to find the marks on the pulleys.have you read through the 20v.org timing belt write-up?i found it helpful.
also,did you remove the belt without finding the timing marks?you should mark everything off first so you know whats up,lol.
anyways,for the crank there should be a little line on it's edge,it lines up to a little dot that is on the timing cover.chances are that you will not be able to see them because of crusty cake covering them.get a wire brush and clean the pulley and cover up.
next,once you got the crank lined up,there is a notch on the cam gear and it should line up with a mark on the valve cover.also cylinder #1 is the one closest to the grille,pull the plug and stick something like a rigid vacuum hose like 12inches long into it.that will confirmation that you are at TDC.dont go sticking a screwdriver in there,something soft like rubber but nothing that will break off.as you turn the crank to TDC,you will see it reach a point where it dont go up any more.oh,dont use the hose in the cylinder thing without lining up the timing marks,just because the hose goes all the way up,that dont mean that you are truly at TDC.
if you still cant find the marks,i can take pics and post them up.all that i wrote is the assumption that you are working on a 20v.
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Re: Timing mark on the bottom pof the engine? (ZX6R1033)

It is possible for the outer portion of the crank pulley to slip in relation to the inner part, the rubber bush can come 'unstuck' and cause this.
The easy way to be sure the crank is at tdc is to look in the 'window' on the gearbox bellhousing (This is roughly down below the distributor). You can see an index mark -0 which lines up with the flat side of the 'window' when No.1 is at tdc.
Nope... the timing belt is still on there. I won't pull anything until I know for sure that everything is where it needs to be. I looked through the 20v.org writeup, but they didn't specify where the timing marks were... only that they existed. The one on the valve cover is rather obvious... its the one below that is throwing me off at the moment.
I pulled all of the plugs, and I ran something down in to confirm TDC on the first cylinder, which is what I was assuming was #1. It matches with the valve cover and cam marks, but the lower wheel was facing straight down.
Yes, it is a 20V. Sorry, I might have been better off having specified that earlier.
Scotty, is the mark on the engine, by chance, the piece to the passenger side with a long line running front to rear... set in (indented)? That is what I had originally assumed was the right mark, so I lined it up with the notch in the pulley, and at that point, the cam gear was about 1/4 out. If it turned, that would explain the difficulty. The only other thing is just that I am not looking at the right mark on the engine itself.
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Re: (ZX6R1033)

i have no problem to post pics of the timing marks but it will be tomorrow.as for the reference mark for tdc on the flywheel,i didnt bother mentioning it because my flywheel is a big block of rust and was impossible to find the mark.ill post pics of cam/crank pulleys and confirm tdc with something in cylinder #1.
Re: (yodasfro)

Quote, originally posted by yodasfro »

Does this apply to the 20V as well? It is a 10V in all of the pictures. This is an outstanding writeup, and answers every single question I have, assuming it's the same.
Re: (ZX6R1033)

so does that mean you dont want me to post a pic of the timing marks???
Re: (littlegreek)

Quote, originally posted by littlegreek »
so does that mean you dont want me to post a pic of the timing marks???

Actually, I would appreciate that very much if you have the time.
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Re: (ZX6R1033)

turn the crankshaft CLOCKWISE and those marks shown here must line up,the cam sprocket should line up with the valvecover mark,and the reference mark on the flywheel should be seen through the window but like i said,it gets rusty.
i havent done my timing belt yet so if you could let me know how easy it is to remove the crank pulley bolt,i'd really appreciate it.
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hmm. I am missing that bump. I'll post pics of what mine looks like when the sun comes up so I have a bit more light to work with.
This could get interesting in a hurry. (And not in a good way).
Re: (ZX6R1033)

If the front pulley timing mark is nowhere near where it should be, then the rubber must have slipped in the damper part?
The O- mark on the flywheel is the only check you will be able to use - for crankshaft position, and yes it will likely be rusty, the only other mark there is -12 which I assume is 12 degrees off tdc?
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