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Tip & 1.8T ?

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I'm thinking of picking up a Jetta wagon with the 1.8T & Tip Tranny. Is this a good combo? How do you guys like your 1.8T's with Tips? Should i wait & get a 5spd? Thanks in advance, Gus.
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Re: Tip & 1.8T ? (Missmy16v)

Any Tipper's out there? Help me out.
Re: Tip & 1.8T ? (Missmy16v)

I drove the 1.8T with the tip for 2 days. I didn't like it. The turbo responce with the odd shift lag was weird. I now have a VR6 with tip and I love it. Either way it takes a few drives to get used to the shifting times. You may grow to like it but I did not. http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
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Re: Tip & 1.8T ? (Missmy16v)

If you feel the need to shift on a regular basis the Tiptronic is not for you, but if you just wan't to hold a gear a little bit longer or anything like that it would be fine. Keep in mind it is an auto tranny so it is really nice for just cruising.
Re: Tip & 1.8T ? (MKvw)

seeing as how youre from the area... i had a 98 civic ex coupe w/ a 5 spd - my commute to west la was a bizitch every morning and every afternoon. since then i quit that job and got myself a new ride - '02 JIV
when i decided to go kraut, i made sure that i waited for 2 things:
1. AWP 180 hp turbo
2. Tiptronic
i love the tip... it works well for me and i dont get a tired clutch foot in traffic. the only gripe i have is when the car is cold - the tip lags big time in the 1-2 and 2-3 shift... when warmed up properly, it shifts very well. im planning to get the GIAC tip chip to shorten the shift lag between gears and that should be the end of that fiasco...
really, it depends on how much control you want over your gearing - yes, you can lock down the gears w/ a tip but when you do decide to shift, it wont be as precise as shifting a manual - there will be a lag. i say, if youre not thinking about auto-xing the car (its a wagon for chrissakes) get the tip...
my $0.02
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Re: Tip & 1.8T ? (dahkyne18t)

Thanks for the info guys... I'm going to test drive one today. Gus.
Re: Tip & 1.8T ? (Missmy16v)

if you go to peyton cramer vw, avoid the salesman named "tony khalife" - hes an idiot
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