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I checked the H20 post by Eric, looks like there are only two tire sizes listed for 16" wheels on an A3 Golf. (205/40 and 205/45)
I imagine this is to keep things OK with the speedo, but are there also other concerns such as rubbing? (car is lowered ~1.5")
I ask, as right now I'm leaning towards the 205/45/16 tire size, but am not sure the wheels will "see" enough protection? I had initially thought of going with 205/50/16 until I read the H20 post. I then figured that 50's would be throwing the speedo off.
Question is, do I really have anything to worry about 205/45's? Should I consider more sidewall height? Or am I worrying when I shouldn't be. I imagine 16" wheels are "stronger" than their larger counterparts??
I'd really hate to bend the rims........who wouldn't
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