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Titanic cam & garette chip

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I put these two items on my whip a short time after the check engine light came on. I found out that my idel is low should I do this manually. Woundering why the chip cant make it idel right.
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Re: Titanic cam & garette chip (volkswagon)

you are aware that vw is spelled volkswagen right? try resetting your ecu, take out the battery for like 5 minutes, and then put it back on, it will drive bad for a little while, but your car will relearn everything and it might drive better.
Re: Titanic cam & garette chip (igneousGOlF)

Thanks I am aware of the spelling. The correct spelling was taken. So the chip should take care of the idel problem once I reset it.
Re: Titanic cam & garette chip (volkswagon)

I believe you mean Techtonics and Garett??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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