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If you were only going for a week, which route would you go/recommend? I've looked into the other thread but the gentleman that is very experienced with it had a longer route than I would like to do, since I'm only going for the lake, the show, and the surrounding areas. Best route I'm seeing so far is to flying into Vienna, renting a car, driving to the lake for the week, then drive back and fly out of Vienna again.

As far as hotel recommendations, I would like to stay close to the lake, maybe even on it, but the price of course has a good role in the deal also. I'm assuming $100-$150 a night at a decent place with lake view is some of the pricing I've seen but then again, never been, and pictures always don't do it justice.

Hopefully I can get some good info until then. Still a whole year left but I would like to plan WAY ahead and be ready for everything. Thanks in advance :beer::beer:
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