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Sorry this is probably an age old question, but I'm new to the A1/A2/A3 performance upgrades and I don't want just a fast looking vehicle.
I'm looking for the best starting platform (parts need to be easily found) and I'm not sure if I should upgrade the current power plant or swap to a more capable one. I'm interested in the Neuspeed supercharger so I was thinking of the A3 2.0 8v, unless I can find a sc for the 1.8 8v motor I have.
I am also willing to build from scratch an awesome street racer type of pickup with an A1 or A2 1.8.
What is the prefered powerplant for the A1? I've seen 2.0 16v's and 1.8 16v's and 2.0 8v's, but HP/TQ wise what's the best starting point. I can spend a few dollars so I am not really limited by a small budget, but I won't spend a fortune to create a show vehicle, it's just going to be a cool street machine that everyone wants to drive. I am capable of doing most of the swap and bolt-on stuff myself (I just finished putting a SBC 350 in my Porsche 944)
I have the 1.8 8v engine in my pickup with a 5 speed trans (this truck has had a swap allready). I still can't see the block number, but It looks like it might be a GX block.
Sorry to ask this question since I am sure it's been asked before, but I can't find much with the search engine, it does not seem to work very well.
Thanks in advance
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