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To port or not to port that is the question??

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I have alot done to my 1.8l 8v motor and i'm thinking of porting the head is it worth it, Or should I just hold off 'till the 16v engine I'm building is done. Talk to me people is it worth the trouble???

Am I looking at really small gains?

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Re: To port or not to port that is the question?? (Wickeddub)

I once read that for every 1 cfm, you can gain 1.1hp. If you do the math,on a PF engine code you can gain approx. 15% on the intake side and approx. 20% on the exhaust.
I'm in the process of porting my PF head. I have access to a flow bench so I will try to get as many numbers as I can. Stay tuned!!
I went through the process of pricing out bigger valves, but the cost vs. hp gains was ruled out.
My theroy is Port em' if ya got em'!!
Hope this helps.
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Re: To port or not to port that is the question?? (German Engineered)

In my 1987 copy of Greg Raven's book it has a chart on page 52 that says 1cfm = 1.45hp. Hmmm. I think oversized valves are hard to justify expense wise but if you have a well done up 2.0L and a big cam they will make a big differnce. You need to have a well ported head and a cam like a Schrick 280 that peaks at like 7500 rpm.
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