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TOKICO suspension question

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i have just installed it on my GTI 90. Shocks + coilover. But the back of the car seems lower than the front. What can be the problem??

[Modified by toshiba32, 5:11 PM 11-23-2001]
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Re: TOKICO suspension question (toshiba32)

I have heard a lot about this although I have not really looked into it. Most people say that the rear fender is actually cut out lower than the front one so even if you lower both front and rear equally, the way the fenders are cut from the factory makes it seem as though the front will always have a larger gap than the rear. This makes sense because the front wheels need to steer so they can't really be tucked into the fender well or else you will scrape.
Re: TOKICO suspension question (Ted)

Anyway, it will look better with my 16 inches TSW imolas cause now the car is on ordinary 13 inches rims
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