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Took some pics today (my FAUX 25th anny mats & more!)

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It was like 70 degrees today, so I decided to bust out for a little drive and to take a few pics of the new floor mats I just got. All went pretty well until I got a NASTY rock chip on my windshield.
Anything I can do about that???


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Re: Took some pics today (VTECeateR)

slow 6-banger
hehehe.. nice honda..
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Re: Took some pics today (DuckyGTI)

I saw a Diablo VT cruising around, but my friend wouldn't get the camera out in time.
Re: Took some pics today (VTECeateR)

Great floormats!
Re: Took some pics today (2002GTI)

Yea, I like the red trim on the floor mats.
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Re: Took some pics today (Spiro SU)

I got the mats through my dealership and got all 4 for $69. the quality is WAY better than the OEM and the red edging really looks nice on a Tornado red gti, or any GTI really. I miss the red trim that my 92 16V had along the dash and doors.
Re: Took some pics today (VTECeateR)

quote:[HR][/HR]Anything I can do about that???
I am from OH, so, I do not know if you have SafeLite Autoglass is out near u, but essentially little chips can be repaired w/o getting the whole windhshield replaced. It's approx. $30 and insurance uaually covers it since it is cheaper for the both of you. Look into it, doesn't take long either, 30 min. max! But do it quick because once it spreads you're sol.
Re: Took some pics today (1.8Teats)

only 70 bucks try getting a set of oettingers for that!
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