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I believe that is the name of the shop in Tacoma. Any body have the phone# for them? I have seen good things mentioned about them on the Vortex. Anybody have personal experience dealing with them?
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Re: TooQuicks? (BW)

Phone Number is 537-3546. Too Quick's is located on 112th between Golden Given and Pacific/Hwy 7.
Re: TooQuicks? (BW)

Good shop
Re: TooQuicks? (16vracer)

Thanks for the replies. I will be giving them a call here soon.
Re: TooQuicks? (BW)

BW- what do you have done to your caddy? I have one also. Just curious what you got. I live in olympia.
Re: TooQuicks? (caddy_16v)

I bought it from bluehare off the Vortex. It has a 1.8 16v with a euro cam and a TT downpipe and exhaust. so far I have only added TSW Hockenhiems with Toyo proxes and a Grant GT steering wheel. Had more plans for it but 9/11/01 put a big hold on it. Things are really slow in the machinist trade right now. I am just happy to be employed and keep the caddy on hold for now.
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Re: TooQuicks? (BW)

I saw an older model hatch on I-5 today with a Too Quicks sticker on the side window. I think it was an orange'ish color. Looked lowered on aftermarket rims. Not sure if your on this board or not. I was the silver 2k Jetta that paced you in the far lane for a while. I tried to gove you a http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif but it was a little dark.
Nice looking car.
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Re: TooQuicks? (itr_hybrid)

was it a rabbit??? sounds like theo..he goes by stock77 on here..should've rammed him off the road
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Re: TooQuicks? (spooled_2ltr)

Re: TooQuicks? (itr_hybrid)

Where on I-5? It might have been me. I think I was only on I-5 (on Dec. 2) between the Tacoma Dome and the Puyallup exit. But, I might be wrong...
I guess I'll have to watch out for eddie, sounds like I am going to be part of one of those NASCAR "racin incidents."
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Re: TooQuicks? (stock77)

Theo, remember Ron's Rabbit is also an A-1 car, 4 door, slightly lowered, GTI rims, and is the early orangish/red color. The poster should of tried to race him....currently runs 14.40......just returned from the Oregon coast, and got 32.8 mpg..
Re: TooQuicks? ([email protected])

quote:[HR][/HR]currently runs 14.40[HR][/HR]​
What's done to it?
Re: TooQuicks? (vwnut82)

Gear changes/ring & pinion. Combination 8valve/16 valve head. Techtonics downpipe/exhaust system. Boosted fuel pressure/cam gear/intake cam/light flywheel/inhouse limited slip...Syncroshift gear oil...LOTS of FINE TUNING.
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