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Top Speed?

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Ok, I have read several places that the 'Raddo will top out at 138mph or so....
Well, I had it close to redline in 5th and was barely doing above 120mph. Whats the deal? Just curious.
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Re: Top Speed? (Hijinx)

Well I don't know about the top speed for the stock chip, but when you buy an aftermarket one such as Garret, Autotech..etc. it removes the top speed limiter. I have hit 142 in my rado....of course that was with my friend next to me with a GTi thats speedo goes beyond 140
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Re: Top Speed? (KidCorrado)

I hit 152 mph with my G60 ( i guess that 245 km/h is 152 miles or am i wrong? but i am sure ot would reach 155(250) if the road was a bit longer, but i'm kinda glad i wasnt. cause next morning my front tire blew up. when i was going slow. the thread came of..hehe thats what i call luck.
Re: Top Speed? (KidCorrado)

Chip or no chip, I don't think I will ever be able to go faster than 120 or so just due to gearing...
I think I will need a taller 5th gear. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think a chip will help. Am I missing something totally obvious?
Re: Top Speed? (Hijinx)

If your Corrado is at or near redline at 120mph, you don't have stock gearing, it's that simple.
Re: Top Speed? (VR6guy)

Ok, now I am getting concerned. What should the RPMs be at 120? Could it be a slipping clutch? (I don't think it is) What should they be at around 80mph?
Could my speedo be bad? . .

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Re: Top Speed? (Hijinx)

I would go out and find out for ya right now but with my luck it would be radar confirmed
i dont think they'd let me hook up my computer in a cell
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Re: Top Speed? (Hijinx)

I am not exactly sure of the RPM at 80 but it IS around 3500-3750 (i think)

PS I CAN find that out for ya...
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Re: Top Speed? (G60_Likes_2_Break)

You HAVE to be able to do higher than 120. My 98 GolfGL with a cam and intake hit 147, and that was clocked by a cop... before you ask, I knew the cop and asked him to clock me to gague how accurate my speedo was, and he obliged. We were on a highway by me that everyone speeds like a mofo on, its flat, straight, and conctrete with no cops (except the one i brought with me)
Re: Top Speed? (WhiteG60)

Thats what I was thinking. But, I brought my car to 122 (or so) on Sat night and my rpms were at 5600 before I let off. I didn't want to run my engine that high for very long. The car is totally stock. What could the issue be?
Re: Top Speed? (Hijinx)

i had my then - stock g60 doin' 130 when i first got her in 1990, and she still had pull left on the tach. sounds like something might be wrong with your car, man.
good luck
Re: Top Speed? (KidComet)

if ur car isnt used to redlining all the gears, its not gonna go fast...i have taken my golf A2 8v(not gti, the normal 90hp one) over 125, while when driving my friends (never redlines his gears) gti 16v, i could hardly top 120...im sure a well driven raddo could hit 135-140 stock with no problem.
Re: Top Speed? (Daffar00)

I've gone 138 at redline in my 90 g60. I took a pic of the gauges but didn't get it developed yet. Hopefully it turns out good.
Re: Top Speed? (LysholmG60)

I've driven 131mph, but I was forced to slow down
the manual says max is 147mph (235km/h
I've European 2.9liter VR6 engine
although known speeds are 150mph
Guess I've to try that out on the Autobahn in Germany

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Re: Top Speed? (El Mariachi)

I hit like 147mph in my first rado, 91' g60 auto....Never topped out in my orange rado
Re: Top Speed? (PhatazzMkIVJetta)

Alright, I checked, My G60 was runnin approx 3600 rpm @ 80 and I think it was 4k @ 90... that means 5400 @ 120.
Re: Top Speed? (G60_Likes_2_Break)

i could see being around 120 topend w/ a 91+ G60 but w/ a 90 you get about 25mph per 1k rpm in 5th 4k about 100 , 5 about 125
Re: Top Speed? (SSj4G60)

150 is highly possible at 7k rpm on stock wheel dimensions.
I have sucessfully encountered 145 with 3 occupants.
Soon to bump that 3.6 for 3.3 and go 170 with 6th boyee.
Built Turbo VR6 Corrado,with Gemini early 6-speed,Car went like mad to 170.
Re: Top Speed? (KinetikSLC)

i hit 155 on a nj highway and my heater core exploded......thank god for the recall and i got a new one for free......but of course i had to take all after market stuff out, and throw in the stock....and lied saying i was picking up my mother at newark airport.....FFFFFFRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE
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Re: Top Speed? (KinetikSLC)

I think Drag is the issue at 145, but if we had 3 big ol bootyhoz hangin out the window...thatd be an issue... the drag would go up
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