We've stumbled across a few photos from Volkswagen Original Zubehor of what looks like a new body kit for the current-generation (pre-facelift) Touareg 2. We don't know much as of yet other than these shots, and we're looking into what else we can find about the package.

Eyeballing the photos, we can clearly see that the Touareg in question is based on the current-generation Touareg and not the recently-refreshed Touareg shown in Geneva. That's good for owners of the current Touareg should this become readily available in your market. It is also not to be confused with the recently introduced Touareg R-design.

Volkswagen Touareg Sport

Looking closely, it appears to be use pieces we've already seen on some Volkswagen Accessories builds, though some lesser-known pieces to be sure. This includes the splitter on the front chin with lower fascia accent, larger rear upper spoiler, larger rear splitter around the exhaust tips and LED taillights.

Volkswagen Touareg Sport


New, at least in the way they appear to be installed,  are also those fender flares that bring it all together and offer more of a muscular look to to the Touareg 2. These flares are available in Europe and we've seen them in photos from the German market, though usually paired with the German market black-accented bumpers fitted on lower-priced European Touaregs. In this case, they're paired with the range of Zubehor pieces at front and rear and also color-matched, making a much more cohesive package. Of course, 21-inch wheels also don't hurt the overall appearance.

We'll attempt to dig up more information about US market availability and share what information we may learn.

Update: Some parts in this setup include:

7P0071608 - Underride Guard (Front) - Silver/Grey
7P0071619A - Underride Guard (Rear) - Silver/Grey
7P0071680A GRU - Fender Flare Kit (Primer, shown finished in body color)7P0071680A - Fender Flare Kit (Textured, not shown)

Each are available in the Volkswagen of America national E-store .