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touch screen?

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what are some touch screen faces? post some pics if ya have em
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Re: touch screen? (djJLaws)

The only one I know of that has a touch screen face is Kenwood. I don't know the model number off the top of my head but, if you look at their site you'll find it.
Also, Eclipse might have one...but again I dunno the model number.
Re: touch screen? (djJLaws)

Touch screens are the DEVIL........
Why in gods name do you want to touch and get nasty finger prints all over your display. Secondly you will run into problems of pushing pixels though the display. It is always cool to have a random pixels always stay the same color. But if you want a touch screen i will be more than willing to sell you a 1500 dollar clarion VRX-815 just dont cry to me that the display is FUBAR'ed in 3 months
Re: touch screen? (Look Stock)

I really didn't know that about touch screen, but I want something thats really cutting edge, what about voice regonigtion? is that out yet? or anything else thats really unique
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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