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touch up paint (vandals..)

I woke up this morning to go to class and when I came back from class I noticed there was broken glass all over the rear window of my car... It turns out somebody threw a beer bottle at my rear spoiler/rear window and it chipped away a bunch of paint and scratched up the rear window pretty bad
(thank god it did not break). The damages on my car have been piling up over the years I have owned it; hit and run in a shopping mall parking lot, another hit and run at a party, and then this. If I were to fix the damages that have accumulated it would cost me around $5000+ So I usually go the take the cheap way out and use touch up paint and leave the dents...
I am not too worried about my paint seeing it is near the end of its life but I dont want it to look trashy.
>where can I get a good touch up paint for my red 92 corrado? I have been using some shiat touch up paint from kragen that is for a toyota...

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tips. use a better brush than supplied.
The TUP will scab as its pretty thick. thinner helps.
After its totally dry, wet sand the area/scab & it will look pretty good for $10
I had to do this to my GL lease return vs repainting the door from break-in damage.
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