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Touching-up Flash Red (LP3G)

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hey, i have a few small scratches on my car...
i was wondering which way would be best to cover this up. i've bought touch up paint from the dealer, and i've just blotted it onto the areas in thin light strokes.
i intend to sand it off later, and buff it up.
now my questions are, will this work? i suppose i should've asked before i posted this, but oh well. also... is there a clearcoat on flash red? it doesn't seem like it on some areas, but on others it does?! if there is in fact a clear coat, does this put a damper on my plan?
thanks in advance
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Re: Touching-up Flash Red (CageyBee)

Did you get a spray paint or a bottle with brush. I tried to order some touch up Flash red and all the dealer could get was a spray. If yours is a bottle/brush, can you give me the part number?
Re: Touching-up Flash Red (VR66m!)

I'm under the assumption that ALL cars came w/ a clearcoat, at least from all the ones that I've worked on (countless). Red's just a PITA because it's one of the quickest to lose it's color and shine.
I've never done any type of sanding or anything like that, but hope this helped a little.
Re: Touching-up Flash Red (Que Aleman)

i don't even think i should bother trying to get touch up paint from the dealer.. i'd probably be better off going to home depot..
Re: Touching-up Flash Red (beenana)

well the touch up paint came from the dealer...
i don't have the part number, it was on the box, and i threw it out a while back... all the bottle says is "lst ou1 p3g" it matches the stock colour perfectly...
soooo, if i sand it smooth and keep repainting, what will happen? will i have to clearcoat it? and if so, how?
Re: Touching-up Flash Red (CageyBee)

i do mobile touch up and minor paint repair for a living. now heres the deal with touch-up. no matter what you do it is impossible to make a latteral scratch dissappear. you can make it the same color but you will still see it. now the best bet would be to use that dealer touchup. use a toothpick or real small model brush. and like you said.. apply about 3 coats 20 min. appart and then the next day you can sand 1000 grit or higher and buff. now you will still notice it but it will sure look better. but dont get your hopes up. and yes it is a base clear paint. but the touchup has an intergrated clear. and since its red depending on where the damage is it could be repainted easily. red is ever so easy to blend. and if you can keep the repair small and get a nice curve or body line to blend into it can be done rather cheap. thats my 2 cents
Re: Touching-up Flash Red (16v po boy)

awesome!!!! thanks for the tips!
just a few questions, please... so with a "base clear" paint, you don't have a clearcoat, right?
also, with 1000grit, will it leave the paint "dulled" and scratched, or will it be a smooth sanding? for wet sanding, what do you recommend (lol) for the "wet" part? just water, or should i use like mineral oil instead of water or something? i've never done this, in case you can't tell
oh, and to buff... hehe.. what do you recommend?
thanks, and i'm not looking to make it "dissappear" just to make it less obvious that there are imperfections. thanks again!
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Re: Touching-up Flash Red (CageyBee)

up u go
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