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Touring Class Bilsteins

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Does anyone have these struts/shocks on their car? If so I am interested in your thoughts on these. The price seems really cheap compared to Bilstein's other products. Thanks for your input.
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Re: Touring Class Bilsteins (cchristensen)

I am curious about these as well, but FWIW, they are a different design than the regular bilsteins, and on paper it doesnt look like they would perform as well.
Re: Touring Class Bilsteins (zaphodtheprez)

the touring class are made for OEM replacement, so they handle the same as your stock setup, but maybe a bit better.
Re: Touring Class Bilsteins (cchristensen)

I've heard bits and pieces about them over the last month, and from what I gather, they're about in the same league as the Boge Turbogas was for the Mk2-3 cars (i.e., the poor man's Bilsteins). Ballpark, they're around 15% stiffer than stock, so basically a mild upgrade from stock. And since they would have better compression/damping curves than stock, you'd get a improvement in handling and motion control over bumps while keeping near stock ride comfort. If you can't afford the $450 premium Bilsteins, try these out for $250. While they're not Bilstein Sports or Koni adjustables, one thing's for sure: they're a heck of a lot better than stock.
EDIT: I should also mention that they were not designed to be used with lowering springs, so basically, they're limited to stock springs, or mild lowering springs like H&R OE-Sport and the VW/Eibach lowering springs.

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