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Toyota all-trac air/water intercooler

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I picked one of these up from the junkyard along with the radiator like thing that goes along with it. I was wondering if anyone has used one of these with their G60 setup? Also any helpful input on an air/water intercooler, this is my first time with one of these. What are some good waterpumps for these air/water setups?(an inexpensive one) Anything will help out, thanks
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Re: Toyota all-trac air/water intercooler (mk1boy)

pics please, doing some research for an intercooler option on my Corrado
Re: Toyota all-trac air/water intercooler (BillyG60)

pics a lil large sorry
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Re: Toyota all-trac air/water intercooler (Iceman666)

Just a weeee bit large...

Anyways, how do you like it? Have you had a chacne to take any temp messurements?
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Re: Toyota all-trac air/water intercooler (surefooted)

yes its far superior to the stock intercooler. lol. you expected that?
It does have on fallacy. It cools down slower (engine off) than the stock intercooler, but thats the nature of the beast.
I have massive digilogs of that car pictured above when it had severe overheating problems (bad hg) and it took in trememdous amounts of timing without detonating.
So yeah, its good. Without comparing it to a FMIC or another A/W i can't say how good, but its WAY better than stock.
We logged a variety of sensors (all of them) and even when the car was nailing 230F coolant temps it was very resistant to detonation.
basically the only evidence (to date) that i can offer is yes its way better than the stock one, but it doesn't take much evidence to come to that conclusion. It is a tight fit!
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Re: Toyota all-trac air/water intercooler (mrkrad)

That's cool. I was trying to find some numbers though. How do you think that it would compare to a PWR?
Re: Toyota all-trac air/water intercooler (mrkrad)

you gata drop the bumper to get the radiator on and run the coolant lines, and a ralley oultet kit and a foot of extra 3" silicon tube(green one) is all you need beyond hacking up the stock stuff to make it fit(ghetto but it works)
it works GREAT, before i got the water hooked up i took it for a spin and you will see about 1 psi increase in boost from 2000 rpm to peak(faster pressurization due to shorter tubes)
also it keeps the intake temps damn near the same ALL THE TIME, got about 3 degrees hotter on boost then off boost but thats it, plus there is no heat soke from sitting in traffic, or not traviling at speed(works better at speed though, but doesnt fall on its ass like a FMIC when giong slow)
I love it, im acutally planning on making a better custom one now air to water RULES
oh and as for it comparing to a PWR one....if you got $$ get the PWR, this thing is a OEM toyota part....no chance in hell its as good as a PWR...BUT its cheap and does a pretty damn good job

Modified by Iceman666 at 3:04 PM 7-1-2003
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Re: Toyota all-trac air/water intercooler (surefooted)

duh we're talking light years in price and design.
i'd have to say a $500 a/w core is probably gonna outperform a $100-150 used core.
Lend us one and we'll do a comparison. Just figure out how to make it fit in the corrado engine bay with the g-60 and all

Thats the hard part. Tight fit.
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damn I knew I shouldn't have tossed the old boost tubes. I sure as hell ain't going to hack up my eurosports.

Lot of options out ther for an intercooler I am finding out
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I am Also very interested in intercooler options. Anyone heard of a mercedes a/w that will fit? maybe i'm crazy
Re: (sleepingg60)

As a MB tech I did some research on that idea [employee cost on parts]. The AMG motors and the new Biturbo V12 have water intercoolers. The V12 intercooler radiator seems that it would fit perfect for a A1 and probably the rest of the VW's
[27cm H x 63cm L x 2.5cm]. The intercooler portion is the big problem. The V6 AMG was cheap at approx $600.00 but the V8 was well over that [I think it was around $1800.00]. The pump, that is made to run all day long, was not too bad at approx $300.00. This was at least 6 months ago so I could be mistaken on the prices. The intercooler radiator part number is 220-500-25-03.
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