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Ok, so I know I go back and forth almost weekly on my car situation... here's my latest thing:
I found a 2001 Golf GLS 1.8T for sale that would cost me exactly the same per month that I'm currently paying for my 1999 Golf GLS 2.0.
Here are the differences that I can see:
1999 Golf GLS 2.0
Black Exterior/Beige Interior
under warranty for an additional 3 years
2001 Golf GLS 1.8T (150hp)
Transmission unknown
Black Exterior/Beige (I think) Interior
Out of warranty.
My current car will be paid off in 4 years, and is under warranty for 3 more. The car will be six years old under warranty. Its a solid, reliable car. The only problem being window regulators (common to all MKIVs). The two mistakes I made were that its a 2.0 and that its an automatic.
I wouldn't even consider another automatic, except in a turbo, so I don't care whether the transmission is automatic or manual (it wasn't specified). The major concern is that I will be paying the same per month for a car that is not under warranty.
The 2001 is black. That is my favorite color, and I have had a hard time finding Golf 1.8Ts in anything but Silver. It has a sunroof and alloy wheels, even though they're only Avus wheels, they're better than steels + wheel covers.
Basically It would be the same car I have now with a sunroof, Avus wheels, and a turbo. Its a step up but out of warranty with slightly high miles.. 32,000.
BUT it wouldn't cost me any more per month...
I almost wish I hadn't seen it!.

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Re: Trade 2.0 Golf GLS Automatic for 1.8T Golf GLS? (Jason_R)

Damn, it sounds to me like a no brainer. But keep in mind, that it's not just about what your monthly payments are. It's about how much you'll owe and for how long. Say for instance I may be able to find an S4, sure I could figure out a way to make the payments come out similar tho those of my Jetta, but I'll probably have end upd being a 10 year [email protected] 20 % apr.
But other than that, damn, I don't see why not. Upgrade to a newer car, with goodies, I'd say go for it.

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Re: Trade 2.0 Golf GLS Automatic for 1.8T Golf GLS? (Tyler Durden)

I know this.
I financed my current car about a year ago for 60 months at $285.73/month.
If I financed this car for 60 months it would cost me $285.53/month.
This guy wants $14,250 FIRM for the car, which sounds a little high, especially for a 2001 with 32,000 miles on it. The thing is, high or not, I'd gladly pay that for the car assuming its in as good shape as he claims it to be.
This may all be a moot point, I called him up and apparently his wife decided not to sell the car afterall, but I gave him my number and told him I was interested if they changed their minds.
He sounded like an older man.. which eats at me further, because if its an older couple and his wife's car, it has PROBABLY been taken very good care of.
Man this is cruel, seeing something that is exactly what I want in my price range less than 2 hours from me and then taking it away.
If there is a god, he is really cruel.

Actually $14,250 is only high depending on who you talk to. Kelley Blue book figures that the car with 32,000 miles is worth something like $14,500 in excellent condition buying from a private seller. It says something like $16,000 in excellent condition ifyou buy from a dealer.
Is the car excellent condition? I don't know i haven't seen it in person yet, but the tiny picture I saw makes it seem well taken care of. This is killing me only because I could get that 1.8T in the 4-door hatchback I want, the color I want, with the sunroof and alloys I want for the same monthly payment that I have now.
Not only that, if they really do decide not to sell the car, there isn't exactly an abundance of Black Golf GLS 1.8Ts around here.. stupid Silver.

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