Lamborghini took the wraps off a brand-new hybridized supercar called the Sián this week . Limited to just 63 examples—which coincidentally is the year that Lamborghini was founded— we first picked up the name in a trademark application published last week.

Another trademark application published the same week hints at an even more extreme version of the car that’s yet to come. The company has also called dibs on the name "SIAN FKP 37 ."

While we do not yet know precisely what FKP stands for, the name follows the conventions established by the Aventador, whose SVJ 63 model was an even more extreme version of the car that was limited to just 63 examples.

While 37 is a number that doesn’t bear the same importance to the brand as 63, it does add to that number—the number of Siáns being produced—to amount to exactly 100, which is a nice tidy number for a production run.

While the details of the car are still unknown, we would expect it to come with a more powerful electric motor. The Sián’s gas engine is already 15 hp more powerful than the previously most powerful V12 ever produced by Lamborghini (the 770 hp unit that it shares with the Aventador SVJ 63). As a result, we would anticipate that it will be easier for Lamborghini to find more power in its 34 hp electric motor.

The advantage of using a more powerful electric motor would be even stronger acceleration times. The Sián already gets to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds, but a stronger electric motor and the instant torque delivered thereby could mean an even faster 0-60 time.

Just when Lamborghini chooses to unveil this even more powerful beast remains to be seen, but it will likely take some time since the standard Sián still has to wait until the 10th to make its actual public debut.

additional reporting by Dennis Chung